After Graduation

Students in the biochemistry concentration pursue a variety of paths after graduation, including graduate studies, medical studies, and careers in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Concentrators have the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the traditional fields of biology and chemistry while still having a solid grounding in a major discipline. Biochemistry is intimately intertwined with modern avenues of research in physical, organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry as well as genetics, molecular and cellular biology, medical science, immunology, neurobiology, microbiology and developmental biology.

An interdisciplinary perspective puts students at the cutting edge of modern science and will be a very effective preparation for graduate and medical studies, as well as attractive to potential employers in the biopharmaceutical industry.


The following is a list of recent alumni. If you were a biochemistry concentrator and are not listed here or your information has changed, please contact us — we'd love to hear from you!

Class of 2023

  • Josie Ascione, Chemistry, Isaacs Lab, Medical Assistant (Premed)
  • Gabrielle Aucello, Chemistry, Bellin Lab, Research Lab (Premed)
  • Mya Beausoleil, Chemistry, Linton Lab, (Pre-Pharm)
  • Sarah Cahill, Biology, Sheehy Lab, PhD Program UMass Med
  • Henry Cavanaugh, Chemistry, Linton Lab, PhD student Illinois
  • Allison Maher, Chemistry, Bellin Lab, PhD Student Boston College
  • Caitlin McCutcheon, Biology, Bellin Lab, Ratio Therapeutics
  • Zach Nicholson, Biology, Mondoux Lab, Research Tech MGH

Class of 2022

  • Katherine Fazekas, Chemistry, Sculimbrene Lab, Americorps
  • Sarah Guay, Biology, Findlay Lab, MGH Research Assistant
  • Charlie Millard, Biology, Sheehy Lab, PhD Student, Johns Hopkins

Class of 2021

  • Ryan Barrett, Chemistry, FIndlay Lab, Research Assistant, MGH
  • Erin Flaherty, Chemistry, Hagan Lab, Medical Assistant (Pre-PA)
  • Bella Jankowski, Chemistry, Mills Lab, PhD Student, UMass Amherst
  • Lianne Ryan, Chemistry, Isaacs Lab
  • Sean Tarrant, Biology, Mills Lab, Clinical Research Coordinator

Class of 2020

  • Alexandra Cawood, Chemistry, Mills Lab, Med Student, W. Virginia School of Osteopathic Med.
  • Cameron Curley, Chemistry, Hagan Lab, MD Student, BU
  • Olivia Lloyd, Biology, Bellin Lab, Lab Assistant, Inari
  • Christopher Woodilla, Chemistry, Hagan Lab, PhD Student, UMass Med

Class of 2019

  • Michael Chaoui, Chemistry, Isaacs Lab
  • Pat Exconde, Chemistry, Mills Lab, PhD Student, UPenn
  • Alex Kui, Chemistry, Herrick Lab, Research Assistant MGH
  • Abby Lynch, Biology, Mills Lab, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Josh Nicholson, Chemistry, Isaacs Lab, PHD Student
  • Elizabeth Sisko, Chemistry, Sculimbrene Lab, PHD Student

Class of 2018

  • Paul Endres, Chemistry, Sculimbrene Lab, MD student, Thomas Jefferson
  • Rachel Ferrara, Biology, Sheehy Lab, Medical Assistant, Brown U
  • C.J. Janton, Biology, Mills Lab, DO/PHD student
  • Tommy Kalantzakos, Biology, Ober Lab
  • Christian Ramsoomair, Chemistry, Mills lab, MD/PhD student, Miami
  • Jake Sbarbaro, Biology, Ober Lab

Class of 2017

  • Melissa Connolly, Biology, Bellin Lab, ESTEEM program, Notre Dame
  • Anthony Criscitiello, Biology, Ober lab, MD Student, Wake Forest
  • Jeeva Jacob, Biology, Paxson lab
  • Adam Millham, Chemistry, Quinn lab, Ph.D. student, Dartmouth
  • Chris Minteer, Chemistry, Mills lab, PhD, Yale
  • Emily Popp, Chemistry, Farrell lab, JVC Northwest
  • Lauren Riley, Biology, Mondoux lab, Research Tech, MGH
  • Wanlin Zhang, Chemistry, Mills lab, DDS, Tuoro

Class of 2016

  • Rebecca Casazza, Biology, Sheehy lab
  • Mike Koulopoulos, Chemistry, Mills lab, M.D., Wake Forest
  • Kira Niederhoffer, Chemistry, Farrell lab, Mass General Hospital
  • Elizabeth Park, Biology, Bellin lab
  • Anthony Yakely, Chemistry, Mills lab, Yale MPH

Class of 2015

  • Rob Caldera, Chemistry, Bellin lab
  • Zach Giaccone, Chemistry, Mills lab, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Richard Guerra, Biology, Sheehy lab, Ph.D. student, Harvard
  • Stephanie Haddad, Biology, Bellin lab
  • Andrew Mullin, Biology, Petty lab
  • Nikki Siegart, Biology, Mills lab, MD, SUNY

Class of 2014

  • Sarah DiNapoli, Farrell Lab, NIH Intramural Fellowship
  • Alex Marino, Biology, Bellin lab
  • Garrett Peck, Biology, Bellin lab, M.D. student, UC Davis

Class of 2013

  • Katie Colelli, Biology, Mills lab, UVM, MD
  • Allegra Parrillo, Biology, Bellin lab, Brown Medical School
  • Matt Guido, Biology, Webster lab, Research Assistant, Joslin Center
  • Mike Nicastri, Chemistry, Mills lab, UPenn Ph.D., Post-doc Columbia
  • Jen Pusztay, Chemistry, Mills lab, DO, University of New England
  • Jeff Thode, Chemistry, Quinn lab, Medical School, Wake Forest
  • Laura Urbanski, Chemistry, Mills lab, M.D./Ph.D. program, UConn
  • Sammie Ziegler, Biology, Vargas lab, Yale Ph.D. program

Class of 2012

  • Ben Brink, Chemistry, Linton Lab, Medical School, Quinnipiac
  • Cat Flynn, Biology, Bellin lab, Clinical Coordinator, Dana Farber
  • Tom Gallant, Chemistry, Sheehy lab, Research Assistant, NIH; Medical School, University of New England 
  • Meagan Montesion, Biology, Bellin lab, Ph.D. program, Tufts
  • Rio Nomoto, Biology, Linton lab, Medical School, Tufts
  • Christiana Pineda, Chemistry, Petty lab, UMass Med, Ph.D. program
  • George Savidis, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research Assistant, UMassMed
  • Sean Till, Chemistry, Sculimbrene lab, Research Assistant, Cornell-Weill

Class of 2011

  • Mary Bonnett, Biology, Bellin lab, Medical School
  • Emily Cartwright, Biology, Sheehy lab, Medical School
  • Kerry Drury, Biology, Bellin lab, Fulbright Fellowship, Medical School
  • Marisa Fortunato, Biology, Bellin lab, Graduate program in Pharmacy, UGeorgia
  • Kevin O'Brien, Biology, Mills lab, PHD UGeorgia, Post-doc UMass Medical
  • Kristina Xega, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research Scientist, Takeda

Class of 2010

  • Ela Banerjee, Biology, Bellin lab, UConn MD
  • Lauren Duffee, Biology, Mills lab, UPenn, D.V.M.
  • Preston Greico, Biology, Bellin lab, Penn State Med School
  • Kevin Halloran, Biology, Linton lab, UMass Med PhD
  • Dan York, Biology, Mills lab, Texas Tech MD

Class of 2009

  • Brian Hendrickson, Biology, Ober lab - Medical School
  • Andrew Moczula, Biology, Hoffman lab – M.D., Rutgers
  • Beth Morse, Biology, Bellin lab - Graduate School, Yale
  • Jess Napolitano, Biology, Vargas lab - Biochem Ph.D., Ohio State; Post-doctoral fellow, Columbia

Class of 2008

  • Justin Caramiciu, Biology, Bellin lab - Medical School, UMass
  • Ali Casserly, Biology, Constance lab - Grad School
  • Melissa McGill, Biology, Mills lab – M.S., Michigan; Pfizer
  • Kathryn O'Brien, Chemistry, Mills lab - Biochem Ph.D., Cornell-Weill

Class of 2007

  • Mark Andrews, Biology, Farrell lab, M.D., UMass
  • Christopher Aquina, Chemistry, Herrick lab - M.D.
  • Marianne DiNapoli, Biology, Constance lab - Teach for America alum, M.D., Columbia Med School
  • Matt Drago, Biology, Mills lab – M.D., UPenn
  • Matt Frigault, Biology, Bellin lab – M.D., UPenn
  • Frank Powers, Chemistry, Herrick lab – D.M.D., UConn

Class of 2006

  • Kerianne Crandall, Chemistry, Herrick lab
  • Mike DiGiacomo, Biology, Bellin lab - Med School
  • Matt Howard, Chemistry, Chemistry Teacher, Quincy High School
  • Andrew Kamien, Biology, Bellin lab – M.D., Creighton University
  • Bob O'Connor, Biology, The lab (UMass Med) - Med School
  • Joe Poli, Chemistry, Quinn lab - Med School

Class of 2005

  • Hillary Barnes, Biology, Bellin lab - Med School
  • Brian DeCristopher, Bio/Chem, Quinn lab – Ph.D. '10, Chemistry, Stanford
  • Luke Duncan, Chemistry, Bellin lab - Med School
  • Katie Lewandowski, Biology, Mills lab – Ph.D. '12, Washington University, post-doctoral fellow Northwestern University

Class of 2004

  • Becky Arvary, Bio/Chem, Quinn lab - Merck
  • Jackie Gareau, Chemistry, Mills lab – Ph.D. '11, Cornell-Weill
  • Claire Kelleher, Chemistry, Taylor lab - Chem PhD, Cornell, Assistant Professor (visiting) SUNY Geneseo
  • Mark Marzinke, Biology, Bellin lab - Biochem Ph.D., Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins Faculty
  • Tim Quinn, Chemistry, Mills lab - M.D. '08, Georgetown

Class of 2003

  • Pete Bak, Biology, Bellin lab – Ph.D. '09, Dartmouth Medical School
  • Ralph Millilo, Biology, Bertin/Mills labs - M.D. '08 SUNY Upstate

Class of 2002

  • Carolynn Cavicchio, Biology, Vargas lab - M.D. '07, Georgetown
  • Briton Chan, Biology - MD '09, SUNY Upstate
  • Melissa Pelesz, Biology – D.V.M., Cornell
  • Pat Twomey, Chemistry, Mills lab - M.D. '07 Georgetown