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The biochemistry concentration at Holy Cross allows students to major in either biology or chemistry while continuing to develop a foundation in the other discipline by pursuing this interdepartmental program. Students must complete all major requirements, with additional classes from both departments, creating a concentration that focuses on the study of the chemistry that underlies biological structure and function. 

Research Opportunities

As part of the concentration, students participate in a full academic year of research, either on or off campus. Research may be pursued with faculty members within the biology and chemistry departments, or through an off-campus lab (with committee permission). For more information on research opportunities within the biochemistry concentration, please contact Robert Bellin or Kenneth Mills.

Alumni Success

Students in the biochemistry concentration pursue a variety of paths after graduation, including graduate studies, medical studies, and careers in the BioPharma industry. For a list of recent biochemistry alumni, and their post-grad endeavors, please visit our alumni page.

Application for the Concentration

For information and timelines for applying to the biochemistry concentration, please consult the application procedure. Students interested in the concentration must apply during the spring semester of their second year, and have declared a major in biology or chemistry.