Chapter V: Faculty Benefits and Privileges

Full-time faculty are entitled to faculty and College benefits during the term of their appointment. At the termination of their appointment the College has no continuing obligation with respect to these benefits.
Faculty fringe benefits and College employee benefits can be found in the Faculty Handbook and on the Human Resources website. Any changes to these benefits will be communicated to faculty at least one month in advance of the effective date of the change.
At the termination of their appointment, faculty members should consult with the Benefits coordinator in Human Resources to determine what legal rights they might have to continue some of these benefits at their own expense.
A. Faculty Benefits
In addition to the benefits described above administrative faculty and teaching faculty of ordinary rank are entitled to the following benefits:
1. Tuition Benefits
   a.  Eligibility
(i) Dependent children of full-time administrative faculty members and teaching
faculty of ordinary rank who have been employed continuously by the College for
at least seven years on full-time appointments.
(ii) Dependent children of eligible administrative faculty members and teaching
faculty of ordinary rank in cases where the faculty member dies or retires prior to
the completion of the children's education.
    b.  Qualifications
To qualify for tuition remission, the dependent child must:
(i) enroll in a full-time degree program at an accredited undergraduate institution of higher education;
(ii) maintain good standing in the institution; and
(iii)meet the admission requirements for acceptance to the College (if attending College of the Holy Cross).
    c.  Amount of Awards
(i) For children matriculated at the College of the Holy Cross: full tuition.
(ii) For children at other qualifying institutions: assistance of sixty-percent of Holy Cross tuition or the tuition of the other institution, whichever is less.
(iii)The benefit covers the cost of tuition but not the cost of housing, books, and other fees.
(iv)The benefit is available for a maximum of eight semesters or their equivalent in quarters.