Policy Advisory Team

The Policy Advisory Team (PAT) serves as the cornerstone of our policy development framework at the College of the Holy Cross. The PAT's main role is to provide oversight, confirm that the proposed policies align with the college's goals and mission, ensure that the Policy Owner has engaged in the appropriate consensus building, provide feedback regarding their areas of responsibility, and guide policy owners in their efforts. Composed of representatives from both faculty and staff, the PAT uses a framework that is grounded in the College’s governing documents and informed by principles of shared governance.

Central to the PAT's effectiveness is its adherence to the RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) principles, which guide the team's approach to policy development and stakeholder engagement. This methodology ensures clarity of roles and responsibilities throughout the policy development process, fostering a transparent and inclusive environment.

By employing a consistent process (as further outlined on this webpage,  the PAT not only streamlines the policy development process but also fosters a culture of transparency, consultation, and ownership of college policies, thereby enhancing our institution's overall governance framework.

The Policy Advisory Team includes the following representatives: 

  • Denielle Burl, Compliance (Chair) 
  • Faculty representative (TBD)
  • Merrilee Grenier, Human Resources 
  • Representative from the Office of General Counsel, to advise as needed
  • Other representatives as needed on a policy-by-policy basis