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Keys and Locks

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Physical Plant Responsibilities:

  • In conjunction with the Department of Public Safety and Department Heads, create, implement and maintain keying systems that provide security and convenience to the campus community.
  • Perform all lock changes and cutting of keys (either in-house or contracted out by Physical Plant).
  • Perform all maintenance and repair of locking systems on campus.

Customer Guidelines:

  • Due to the highly sensitive nature of key duplication or lock change requests, the Department Head must sign all work requests of this nature.
  • Lost or stolen keys should be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety. Determination will be made by Public Safety whether lock changes are warranted. In the event it is deemed necessary to rekey locks, the Department responsible for the lost key will be charged costs incurred to perform the changes and reissue new keys. To expedite the changes, Physical Plant reserves the option to bring in an outside contractor to perform (or assist in performance) of lock changes.
  • No keys to College-owned facilities or equipment are to be duplicated by anyone other than Physical Plant personnel (or our authorized contractors).
  • Departments may not install any locking device on any door themselves.


  • Services Provided
  • Duplicate and deliver keys with proper authorization
  • Replace damaged, bent or broken keys
  • Re-key and create new locking systems with proper authorization
  • Perform combination changes on residence hall doors with proper authorization
  • Repair/replace door locks as needed
  • Extract stuck/broken keys from locks
  • Pick file cabinet/desk locks when necessary with proper authorization
  • Trouble shoot and repair any problems with Card Access system doors
  • Roof access. For safety reasons and to maintain integrity of roof structural systems, no one is permitted on the roof of any campus building without proper authorization. Physical Plant should be contacted when access to roof is needed and in conjunction with Public Safety we will determine validity of request and provide access if warranted

Mechanical and Electrical Rooms. For safety reasons, there is limited access to these utility rooms. They are not to be used for departmental storage. If access is needed, please contact the Physical Plant department for authorization and to gain entrance if deemed necessary.


Services Not Provided

  • Duplication of personal keys for anyone (non-College facility/equipment keys)
  • Unlocking of personal vehicles
  • Unlocking of doors without proper identification and authorization. Physical Plant is not permitted to unlock faculty & departmental offices for anyone other than the occupant assigned to the space (with proper identification), the Department Head in charge of the space, Physical Plant Managers/Supervisors or Public Safety personnel. We are not permitted to open any secured areas for students (offices, classrooms, etc.). Any persons who need access to a secured area and do not fit into the above criteria should contact the Public Safety Office for assistance. Public Safety will determine whether access to area is warranted.
  • Safe-cracking (We will assist Department in contracting outside vendor for this service)