Protocols and Forms

Knowing the proper protocols for responding to incidents in the laboratory or studio is very important. Also, filling out appropriate forms when necessary is vital to ensure the campus is in compliance with Local, State and Federal regulations.

If there is major spill or injury, call Public Safety first, x2222, (508-793-2222).  Indicate the nature of the incident and where it occurred.   It is very important to give as much information as possible so Public Safety can respond appropriately and promptly.   Also, taking quick action like, rinsing an affected area, evacuating the room, or applying pressure to a cut may also be important steps to reducing the risk of further injury.

For specific information about incident reporting, click on the Incident Protocol link below:

Forms for Users of Radioactive Material:

Form for Outside Contractors:

Outside contractors who work in laboratories at Holy Cross must read and sign the training document prior to conducting work in the laboratories.