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About the Committee

The purpose of the Hanify-Howland Committee is twofold:  First, to select and recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in the realm of public service for the Lecture Series and second, in doing so contribute to the intellectual atmosphere of Holy Cross.  Annually, the Hanify-Howland Committee invites an individual, chosen by the committee and families, to give an address to the Holy Cross community.  The address is regularly followed by two seminars on the next day.  The main responsibility of the committee is to select an appropriate speaker to deliver the Hanify-Howland Lecture.

The aim of the Hanify-Howland Committee is to initiate intellectual discourse between the students, faculty and the speaker.  It is also the hope of the committee and the families that the Hanify-Howland speaker will inspire Holy Cross students to consider a career in public service, in the Jesuit spirit of being “men and women for others.”