Inès Andreolli

brown hair student smiling with black and white shirt

Hi everybody ! My name is Inès and I will be your French FLA this year. I am 25 years old and I come
from Strasbourg, a city neighboring Germany and of cultural richness. This proximity to Germany
gave me the opportunity to attend a bilingual class as a child.
I am following a master’s program at the University of Strasbourg in order to become an English
teacher. I am currently teaching high school students once a week. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and
finding new ways to engage my students. I like to use innovative tools, such as classroom layouts that
promote active communication, group work and digital tools.
I care about being active in my community and that is why I love to take part in different projects.
Last year, I decided to get involved in a non-profit organization for which I led a guided study time for
middle schoolers with academic difficulties to help them complete their homework. I am also a
musician and I have had the opportunity to play the harp at different occasions.
My love for food is probably the most French thing about me! During my studies, I had a job working
at a famous cheese restaurant in Strasbourg where I learned how to make traditional fondues. On
weekends I work at a bakery shop selling French pastries. Among my other hobbies are swimming,
movies, books...
I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of the College of the Holy Cross !
Au plaisir de vous rencontrer