Cinthia Dafne Cernecca

red hair smiling student


My name is Cinthia, and I am beyond excited to be one of the Spanish FLAs for the 2022/23 academic
I was born 28 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have lived there all my life, but I have always
enjoyed traveling and getting to know people from all corners of the world.
For as long as I can remember, I have been a language lover and enthusiast. While in school, I studied
English, Italian, German, and Spanish, my native language. Recently, I have decided to reconnect with
my roots. Since then, I have been trying my hand at learning Croatian.
My passion for languages eventually shaped my decision to deepen my studies of English as a foreign
language, and thus led me to graduate with a double degree in Conference Interpreting and English
My journey as a teacher and tutor started almost six years ago. As a whole, it has allowed me to explore
my creativity and taught me to be more considerate as a human being.
I look forward to meeting all of you. Get ready to speak some Spanish, talk about soccer (or as we call it,
football) and taste some Argentinian dishes with me!
¡Nos vemos pronto!