Anna Astori

smiling brown hair student in brown coat

Hi everyone!

Vsem privet!

My name is Anna, I am from Russia and I am happy to meet everyone!

I am a linguist and I hold a Specialist degree in Theoretical Linguistics and Romance Languages from Moscow State Linguistic University and a Master's degree in Computational Linguistics from Brandeis University.

Since then I have taught languages -- including Russian as a foreign language and English here in Moscow -- and worked as a language and data engineer for Amazon Alexa. The best part about being a linguist is that I have been really lucky to have met and worked with truly amazing people from all around the world!

I also love sports, biking, and hiking and I am definitely looking forward to exploring trails in Central Mass. Definitely let me know if you're also interested or if you want to share some tips!

I hope everyone has a great summer break and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in August!

Do skorogo!