Weddings and Infant Baptisms

Members of the campus community gather to celebrate significant occasions in their lives in the campus chapels. Below are the policies and procedures.

St. Joseph Memorial Chapel with flowers in the foreground


Who may be married at St. Joseph Chapel?

St. Joseph Chapel at Holy Cross is available for Catholic weddings if the bride or groom:

  • is an alumna/alumnus of Holy Cross; or
  • is presently employed at the College; or
  • has a parent employed at Holy Cross.

When should I make a reservation for the chapel?

Because of the popularity of the College chapels, we recommend that a reservation be made as soon as you are engaged and at least one year in advance. Even then, we recommend that you have more than one date in mind when you contact us. After speaking with the wedding coordinator, Sarah Fontaine-Lipke, to determine available dates, a reservation is accepted only with a completed reservation form and payment of the Chapel fee ($750).

What chapels are available for weddings at Holy Cross?

All three College chapels at Holy Cross are available for weddings. Stately St. Joseph Chapel (upper chapel) seats up to 800 people and houses the Taylor and Boody pipe organ and a grand piano. The Mary Chapel (lower level) is a beautiful worship space with a grand piano and seating for up to 275 people. The McCooey Chapel (lower level) is an intimate space with an upright piano and seating for 40 people. The Mary and McCooey chapels are especially appropriate for smaller weddings. A large, comfortable gathering space highlighted by a baptismal font with gently flowing water connects the Mary and McCooey Chapels and serves as a space for people to gather before and after the wedding.

Whom should I contact about reserving the College chapels for a wedding?

Sarah Fontaine-Lipke, Wedding Coordinator
College of the Holy Cross
PO Box 16A
Worcester, MA 01610
Phone: 508-793-2754

What is the Marriage Preparation Program?

The marriage preparation program is a popular weekend program designed to help you reflect on your relationship and to help you prepare for a lifetime of marriage. The program includes: presentations from married couples on a variety of topics, time for questions and answers, and time for you as a couple to discuss the issues raised in these talks. Topics include family of origin, marriage as a sacrament, and issues of communication and intimacy.

Additionally, a session is devoted to helping you prepare your wedding liturgy. The next Marriage Preparation Program is April 22-24, 2022 at the Joyce Contemplative Center. Please contact Sarah Fontaine-Lipke to register. 

We wish you all the best in your wedding plans and much happiness in your marriage! 

Infant Baptisms

The local Christian community has a role in the celebration of infant baptism as well as in assisting parents in the child's Christian formation. For that reason, it is the practice of the Roman Catholic Church that infants and young children are baptized in their parents' parish church. Since Holy Cross is not a parish, infant baptisms are not celebrated in the College chapel as a matter of course, although Jesuit priests at Holy Cross are allowed by local diocesan policy to celebrate the baptism of a family member or close friend in the College chapel. The College chaplains are available to assist parents without a parish affiliation to locate a parish that will meet their spiritual needs and in which they may celebrate the baptism of their child. For more information, contact Sarah Fontaine-Lipke.