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Faculty Mentor Program

Welcome to the College's mentorship program for new faculty members.  The College has no set "model" for a mentorship.  Each new tenure-track faculty member is paired with a tenured faculty member in another department who has volunteered to be a mentor.  The mentor-mentee pair will develop their own way of proceeding in terms of focus, meeting arrangements, etc.  Yet, the new career faculty member is encouraged to establish the initial connection with their mentor.  Following the first year, new faculty members and their mentors will hopefully remain connected as mentor and mentee; however, it is clear that early career faculty, in particular, have a range of mentoring needs.  With that in mind, new faculty members are also encouraged to form additional or new mentoring relationships during their tenure-track years and beyond. At the beginning and end of each academic year, the Dean's office hosts a late-afternoon discussion and reception or morning breakfast for mentor-mentee pairs.