Learning Pedagology

Faculty and students explore new innovative classroom learning opportunities by combining traditional pedagogical approaches with digital platform tools. View some of our recent projects below.  Explore the Library's Digital and Emerging Scholarship project page for additional projects and information.

alone together
Alone Together

Professor Leila Philip: Student's created podcasts about a work of art in the Worcester Art Museum.

Better World Shopper

Professor Ellis Jones: consumers informed about brands and companies by providing an A to F rating system.

eco report card
Eco Report Card (Android)

Associate Professor Ellis Jones: Started in 2015, the Eco Report Card app is an ongoing student research project.

spanish films
Filmmaking in Spanish

Associate Professor Bridget Franco: Through a hands-on learning approach to the art of filmmaking, students explore and experiment with the core components of cinematographic production.


Associate Professor Chris Arrell: Experiential learning of digital sound design, hardware hacking, collaborative music composition, and chamber music performance.

Ignite Talk Assignment: How to Be a Compelling Public Speaker

Professor Sarah Klotz: Based on the Ignite Talk model, students created their own ignite talks.

Media Glass

Associate Professor Ellis Jones: A student-generated app project started in 2020. Students in the Sociology of Television & Media course investigate a variety of well regarded data sources analyzing media bias and journalistic integrity.

Poetry of the Land: Vergil’s Eclogues and Georgics

Associate Professor Aaron Seider: Student's created a series of podcasts that offered a modern take on Vergil’s first two poems.

Reading Nature

Professor Leila Philip: Student's discuss an environmental issue of concern and interest to them during a series of podcasts. Through research and storytelling, they explore how to tell the often difficult environmental stories of our time.

social theorists
Social Theorists

Professor Ellis Jones: A student-generated app projects started in 2009. Is a quick reference for a wide range of social theorists who are important to the discipline of sociology. The app currently contains extensive profiles on 55 sociological theorists.

arron s
The World of the Greeks and Romans

Associate Professor Aaron Seider: Through a series of podcasts students offer a modern take on the ancient environment.

voter glass
Voter Glass

Associate Professor Ellis Jones: Starting in 2016, students in the Sociology of Television & Media course assemble Honesty Report Cards for each US senator, representative, cabinet member, and president.