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Learning Pedagology

The projects below explore how faculty and students combine traditional pedagogical approaches utilizing different digital platform tools, creating new classroom learning opportunities. 

Professor Leila Philip: Student's from College of the Holy Cross discuss an environmental issue of concern and interest to them during a series of podcasts. Through research and storytelling, they explore how to tell the often difficult environmental stories of our time.
Professor Leila Philip: Student's from College of the Holy Cross created podcasts about a work of art in the Worcester Art Museum. Their task was to present this work of art via a podcast in such a way(s)that it helps a viewer feel less alone when they encounter the work of art and less separate from it.
Associate Professor Bridget Franco: Through a hands-on learning approach to the art of filmmaking, students explore and experiment with the core components of cinematographic production: screenplay writing, directing, lighting, sound engineering, camera technique, and digital editing (conducted entirely in Spanish).
Associate Professor Aaron Seider: Student's from College of the Holy Cross created a series of podcasts that offered a modern take on Vergil’s first two poems.
Associate Professor Aaron Seider: Through a series of podcasts his students at the College of the Holy Cross offer a modern take on the ancient environment.
Professor Ellis Jones: The Better World Shopping Guide is an important milestone to mark changes in the corporate landscape for consumers. A comprehensive database with reliable accounting of the social and environmental responsibility of companies.
Professor Ellis Jones: College of the Holy Cross students required to take the Social Theory course as a part of the sociology major and are engaged in a 3 stage research project that includes.