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Donor Stories

"It was the generosity of others that provided the means for me to earn this wonderful Jesuit education."

Andrew J. O'Brien ’85, P16,13,11

"I had an incredible experience at Holy Cross, one that was broader than solely an academic experience."

Hank Prybylski ’87

"We really love the idea that we are able to help someone become who he or she was meant to be."

James F. Mooney III ’90 and Lisa Mooney
Joe Donelan '72

"I think you make a difference by creating possibilities. "

Joe Donelan '72

"Being a student-athlete, first and foremost, teaches time management, which is a life skill that has paid dividends to me."

John E. Luth ’74
John Mullman ’82, P07

"I am a strong believer in the value of the kind of discernment which comes from the retreat experience."

John Mullman ’82, P07
María Eugenia Ferré Rangel '89

"Getting involved in the Campaign joins two great passions for me: education and the arts."

María Eugenia Ferré Rangel '89

"Holy Cross was very good to me. I received a great education and left far more settled than I started."

Sam Krug ’65

"I always felt that the fraternity of Holy Cross alumni was one or two calls or letters away to help or direct me."

Stan Grayson ’72
Thoma P. Joyce, Jr. '82

"Today, we open a new special place, a magnificent center for contemplation, for deepening and enriching the faith of our Holy Cross community. "

Thomas P. Joyce, Jr. '82

"I think about what Holy Cross did for me. And then I think about the opportunity to give back, to help another person know that same kind of experience. That’s a very important idea to me."

William J. Teuber, Jr. ’73
Yarlennys Villaman ’14

"I hope this motivates my future ALANA family and every student that is thinking about donating to understand that every penny is important and well appreciated."

Yarlennys Villaman ’14