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The College of the Holy Cross has developed a licensing program for the use of its name, trademarks and other symbols ("marks") which have become associated with the College. The College has assigned responsibility for the administration of the program to the director of Auxiliary Services, and Holy Cross has contracted with Exemplar Associates to help manage the licensing program.


A licensing program works to promote, enhance, and elevate the image of the College by authorizing the use of our marks on high quality, socially responsible and tasteful merchandise. In addition, the program protects the marks from undesirable commercialism and protects the College's integrity and legal liability through our quality assurance and product approval processes. 

Holy Cross was one of the first members of the Worker Rights Consortium, and all licensees must sign a Code of Conduct that establishes standards for environmental and employment compliance.


Only officially licensed, approved vendors (licensees) may produce items bearing the College's marks. Those wishing to become licensed should contact Exemplar Associates directly. Along with a completed application packet, vendors will be required to submit product samples, proof of insurance, and a nominal fee. All vendor questions regarding the application and approval process should be directed to Exemplar.

Once a vendor is licensed, they can access current, accurate Holy Cross marks via Workspace, Exemplar’s web-based license management system. Licensees must submit product designs into Workspace for review and approval prior to being produced. Items bearing Holy Cross' marks without a license may be considered "counterfeit" and subject to all available legal remedies, including seizure of the items. Additionally, licensed vendors who fail to submit designs for pre-production approval and/or fail to submit sales reports may have their license revoked.

For College Departments and Student Groups

Campus departments and student groups should use only authorized, licensed vendors when sourcing products that feature the Holy Cross marks. This includes promotional giveaways, awards and trophies, and gifts. Letterhead, business cards, signage and other “everyday business” items may be exempt from licensing requirements. It is important to note that institutional approval to purchase the products is not the same as approval to use the College’s marks. As mentioned above, licensees are responsible for submitting intended product designs via Exemplar’s Workspace system before producing the items.

Questions should be directed to:

Peter Zona
Director of Bookstore, Mail & Campus Services
Phone: 508 / 793 - 2597 

Rick Merriam
Exemplar Associates
Phone: 616-212-9593