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Mission, Vision, Philosophy

The College of the Holy Cross is the oldest Catholic college in New England. It owes its existence to the second bishop of Boston, Benedict Joseph Fenwick, S.J., who founded the College in 1843 and gave it the name of his cathedral, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, along with the seal and motto of the Diocese of Boston.

Today, Holy Cross is recognized as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the United States. Holy Cross is highly respected for its superior undergraduate academic programs, excellent faculty, and the intelligence, imagination and achievements of its students. It is also well-known for its strong, well-supported and enthusiastic commitment to the principle of educating men and women for others, in a community that generates a strong feeling of belonging and a vital sense of loyalty.


The College of the Holy Cross has developed a licensing program for the use of its trademarks and other symbols ("marks") which have become associated with the College. The College name, logos, and seal are registered trademarks. The College of the Holy Cross has contracted with the Licensing Resource Group (LRG) to help manage the licensing program.


A licensing program protects the name and logos of Holy Cross from undesirable commercialism and protects the College's integrity and legal liability through our quality assurance and product approval processes. The licensing program will make every effort to protect retailers carrying licensed merchandise by keeping unlicensed merchandise off the shelves of competing retailers.


Any person or organization wishing to use any of the College's marks for commercial purposes must obtain a license from LRG. Non exclusive licenses will be granted to those persons or organizations who meet all requirements and whose products or services are deemed appropriate.To apply for a license, visit, click “Licensing”, and then click “Apply”.


The intent of this program is to ensure the integrity of the Holy Cross name, its seal and its logos. All licensees will be required to pay a royalty on all products sold. The revenue generated from royalties is to be used to offset administrative expenses of the program and to provide scholarship funds for students.

About the Licensing Resource Group

The primary functions of LRG include: facilitating the licensing process for licensees, executing licensing agreements, monitoring the marketplace for unlicensed use of trademarks, collecting royalties and conducting compliance review audits of licensed manufacturers. Information on the services they provide, including a copy of an application and license agreement, can be found at

Licensed Vendors

To view a list of current, licensed vendors, complete with contact information and product information, go to, click “Resources”, click “Licensed Vendors”, and then click “View” next to College of the Holy Cross.


Program Administration

The College has assigned responsibility for the administration of the program to the Director of Auxiliary Services.

Any questions should be directed to:

College of the Holy Cross
Director of Auxiliary Services
Worcester, MA 01610-2395

Phone: (508) 793-2772
FAX: (508) 793-3020

Or to:

Rick Merriam
University Brand Manager
Licensing Resource Group
495 Hope Street, Suite 5
Bristol, RI 02809
(401) 396-5588