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Sociology Major Requirements

Students interested in majoring in Sociology should make an appointment with the Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department to discuss their program of study.

Please realize, that it is Holy Cross' College Catalog, and not this Website, that is the final authority on all degree and major requirements.

Sociology courses draw attention to history, culture, and social structure and their effects on people's lives. The curriculum features the analysis of cultures and social institutions, of social problems and social change, and of the contribution of social science to policy formulation and implementation. The sociology major is designed to provide a critical assessment of the modern world and knowledge of the latest issues in social theory and research. Students interested in conducting original research are encouraged to apply for summer research fellowships with faculty. The department also offers an honors program.

The major is appropriate for students with a wide range of educational and career interests including but by no means limited to graduate study in sociology. Majors often pursue graduate work in law, medicine, health care management, communications, urban affairs, and gerontology, and careers in business, government, education, journalism, management, social services, and public health.

Requirements (10 course minimum):

  • The Sociological Perspective (Sociology 101)
  • Logics of Inquiry (Sociology 223)
  • The Development of Social Theory (Sociology 241)
  • Social Statistics (Sociology 226)
  • One advanced course at 300 or 400 level: e.g. a seminar, tutorial, or research practicum
  • Five sociology electives, two may be anthropology courses.  A maximum of 14 courses can be taken in the major.

Students interested in the sociology major should complete the Sociological Perspective early in their program. While all majors explore a range of social phenomena and issues, students are also encouraged to design a program that creates a subdisciplinary specialization within the department's offerings. Sociology majors are expected to complete the required courses in Theory and Social Statistics soon after declaring the major. Once students have taken Social Statistics, they should enroll in Logics of Inquiry, preferably by their third year.  Study abroad is enthusiastically supported; with prior approval, a theory course taken abroad may be used to meet the theory requirement, but the logics of inquiry and statistics requirements must be taken at Holy Cross. A maximum of four courses from Study Abroad may be applied toward the major.

Courses can be viewed via the Holy Cross Course Guide Website
(enrolled Holy Cross Students only) or by the Sociology course guide