We provide opportunities for students interested in conducting research in mathematics or computer science under the supervision of faculty, both during the academic year and over the summer. 

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Ellen Chen ’17, mathematics major and visual arts history minor, works with Andrew Hwang, associate professor of mathematics, as part of her summer research project on the study of geometric surfaces


All mathematics majors complete at least one project course, an upper-level course that includes a research project involving individual or collaborative work, a written report, and an oral presentation, all tailored around the subject specialty of the faculty member teaching the course and the interest of the student.

Additionally, student-proposed research is a chance for majors to work with faculty on a project of their own interest and design, either during the summer or academic year. Students interested in pursuing research are encouraged to discuss their proposals with faculty in the department to find an appropriate advisor on their project. For more information on the Summer Research Program at Holy Cross, please visit the Office of the Science Coordinator.​

Computer Science

With ample opportunities to conduct research during the year and in the summer, as well as to propose and pursue individual research projects, computer science students delve into the study of algorithms and data structures, formal properties, and realizations in hardware and software. Students interested in pursuing research are encouraged to discuss proposals with faculty to find an appropriate project advisor.

Summer Research

Each summer members of the department supervise individuals or small groups of students working on research projects. These are often close to the faculty members’ own scholarly interests and offer opportunities for students to experience research and develop new knowledge. Students have presented the results of their work at on-campus poster sessions, and national conferences, including the joint national meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America. Some have co-authored scientific journal articles.

For more information on the Summer Research Program at Holy Cross, visit the Office of the Science Coordinator.

Information about off-campus opportunities for summer research can also be obtained by following one of the links below. 

students posing for a photo while attending a mathematics conference
Students Attend Professional Conferences

Students regularly attend and present at regional and national conferences, including the Joint Mathematics Meeting, Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, and the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.