Former Holy Cross Students with Doctorates in History and Related Areas


Aieta, Nicholas, ’92, Assistant Professor of History, Westfield State College [U Nebraska-Lincoln]

Ashur, George A., '79, chief financial officer for Joseph J. Corcoran Company in Boston [Harvard]

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Baldovin, John F., ’69, Jesuit Professor of Historical Theology, Weston Jesuit School of  Theology [Yale]

Belanger, Brian C., ’80, Franciscan Director of International Programs, Siena College [Tulane]

Borst, William A., ’65, St. Louis (MO) Sports Historian and Radio Broadcast   [St. Louis U]

Brown, Thomas N., '42, Prof. of History, Notre Dame [Harvard], Deceased

Burke, James L., ‘ex. ’23, Jesuit Pref. of Studies, College of the Holy Cross  [Harvard] Deceased

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Canavan, John P., '64, Fordham (and Hunter) [Columbia]

Canedo, Richard G., ’83, History Teacher, Lincoln School (Providence, RI) [Brown]

Carty, Thomas J. III,  ‘91, Assistant Prof. of History, Springfield College [U Conn]

Casey, Thomas F., ex. ‘44, Prof. of Church History, St. John’s  Seminary & Priest of the Archdiocese of Boston [Gregorian] Deceased

Chojnacki, Stanley J., ’61, Prof. of History, U  N. Carolina (Chapel Hill) [U Cal, Berkeley]

Clouette, Bruce A., ’71, Architectural Historian, PAST, Inc. [U Conn]

Connolly, James J., ’84, Prof. of History, Ball State University (Indiana), [Brandeis]

Connor, James E., '56, Canon Lawyer, Diocese of Portland [Catholic University of America]

Connor, Walter D., ’63, Prof. of Political Science, Boston University [Princeton]

Cook, Harold F., ’54, East Asian Historian, [Harvard] Deceased

Cosgrove, Richard A., ’62, University Dist. Prof. Emeritus, University of Arizona (Tuscon)  [University of California, Riverside]

Covino, Richard J., ‘98, Assistant Prof. of History, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [St. Andrews, Scotland]

Cronin, Thomas E., ’61, McHugh Prof. of Political Science & Pres.  Emeritus
Whitman  College  [Stanford]

Curran, R. Emmett, ’58, Prof. of History, Georgetown [Yale]

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Daniel, Donald C., ’66,  Visit. Prof., Georgetown [Georgetown]

Dee, Christine E. (Doyle), ’94, Asst. Prof. of History, Fitchburg State, [Harvard]

Delaney, Robert F., ’46, Consultant to the U. S. State Dept. [U Vienna]

Del Vecchio, Richard J., ’58, Prof. of History, Nazareth College (Rochester, NY) [Notre Dame]

Dobbins, John J., ’68, Prof. of Art History, U Virginia [Michigan]

Domson, Charles A., ’67, Asst. Prof. of History, Wake Forest [Yale] Deceased

Donohue, John J., ’48, Jesuit  Director of Center for the Study of the Modern Arab  World at St. Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon [Harvard]

Duff, Edward J., ’33, Jesuit Prof. Emeritus of Political  Science, College  of the Holy Cross [Institut U de Hautes Etudes Intl., Geneva] Deceased

Duggan, Lawrence G., ‘65, Prof. of Medieval History, U  Delaware [Harvard]

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Edgerton, Gary, '74, Media Historian at Old Dominion [Columbia]

Edwards, Rebecca (Rourke), ’90, Prof. of History, Rochester Institute of   Technology [U  Rochester]

Eyerman, Charlotte, '87, Curator, St. Louis Art Museum [U. Cal. at Berkeley]

FitzGerald, Paul A., ‘ex-38,  Jesuit Prof. of History, Boston College, [Georgetown] Deceased

Gallagher, Philip F., ’63, Prof. of Medieval Christianity History, Brooklyn College (CUNY) [Notre Dame]

Ganson, Nicholas, '98, Bridgewater State Faculty [University of North Carolina]

Glasson, Travis F., ’96, Asst. Prof of History, Temple U [Columbia]

Gonzalez Mendoza, Juan R., ’72, Assoc. Prof. of History, Inter-Am. U (Puerto Rico)   [SUNY, Stony Brook]

Gorman, David J., '53, Asst. Prof. at Canisius College [Notre Dame] Deceased

Grattan, William J., ’38, Prof. of History, College of the Holy Cross [Harvard]   Deceased

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Halpin, Patricia A., ’90,  Former Asst. Prof. of History, Assumption [Boston   College]

Hanlan, James P., ’67, Assoc. Prof. of History, Worcester Polytechnic Institute   [Clark]

Hanlon, David L., ’70, Assoc. Prof. of History, U Hawaii (Manoa) [U  Hawaii]

Hennessey, John R., Jr., ’55, Prof. Emeritus Poli. Sci., Salem State [Georgetown]

Hueston, Robert F., ’63, Assoc. Prof. of History, U  Scranton [Notre Dame]

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Janick, Herbert F. Jr., ’51, Prof. of History, Western Connecticut State University [Fordham]

Janson, Richard N., '46, Prof. of Architectural History, U. of Vermont [Yale], deceased

Kane, Paula E., '80, Prof. of Religious Studies/American History & Religion, University of  Pittsburgh [Yale]

Kelly, Patrick J., ’65, Prof. of History, Adelphi University (NY) [Georgetown]

Kett, Joseph F., ’58, Prof. of History, University of  Virginia (Charlottesville) [Yale] Deceased

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Lambert, Francis X., ’38, U. S. Foreign Service Officer & Consul  General (China) [Harvard]  Deceased

Leazes, Francis J. Jr., ’71, Prof. of Poli. Sci., Rhode Island College [U Conn]

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Madras, Larry, '59, Prof. of Hist. & Poli. Sci., Howard Community College (Columbia, MD) [NYU]

Mahoney, Timothy R., ’75,  Prof. of History, University of Nebraska (Lincoln) [U Chicago]

Marks, Frederick W. III, ’62, Researcher & Writer [Michigan]

Marzik, Thomas D., ’63, Prof. of History, St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia) [Columbia]

McCartin, James P., ’96, Asst. Prof. of History, Seton Hall [Notre Dame]

McCartin, Joseph A., ’81, Assoc. Prof. of History, Georgetown [SUNY, Binghamton]

McElligott, John F., ’57, Prof. Emeritus History, Eastern Illinois U [NYU]

McMaster, MaryKate, ’86, Asst. Prof. of History, Anna Maria College [William  & Mary]

Milliken, Elizabeth, ’82, Assoc. Prof. of American History, Seton Hall [Cornell]

Moriarty, Thomas F., ’56, Prof. Emeritus of History,  Elms College (MA) [Notre Dame]

Mounkhall, Thomas H., ’66, Adjunct Prof. History, SUNY New Platz [St. John’s University]

Moynihan, Kenneth J., ’66, Prof. of History, Assumption College [Clark]

Mullen, James, '80, President of Allegheny College [University of Massachusetts]

Murphy, Francis J., ’57, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus of History, Boston College & Priest of the Archdiocese of Boston [Catholic U] Deceased

Murphy, Thomas R. E.,  ’81, Jesuit Assoc. Prof. of History, Seattle University [U Conn]

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O’Brien, Matthew J., ’90, Assist. Prof. of History, Franciscan University (Steubenville, OH)    [U Wisconsin]

O’Connor, Mark F., ’71, Assoc. Prof. of History, Boston College [Boston College]

O'Donnell, Edward T., '86, Assoc. Prof. of History, College of the Holy Cross   [Columbia]

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Poggioli, Peter A., ’72, Chief of Staff, Office of Minister for the Environment and Heritage (Melbourne Victoria, Australia) [Johns Hopkins]

Powers, Richard G., ’65, Prof. of History, SUNY (Staten Island) [Brown]

Pratt, James F. X., ’76, Jesuit Adm. Dir. of the Jesuit Historical Institute (Rome)    [Vanderbilt]

Pyne, Tricia T., ’86, Director, Associated Archives at St. Mary's Seminary and  University [Catholic University]

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Quinn-Sanchez, Kathryn, ’92, Asst. Prof. of Hispanic Culture at Georgian Court University (Lakewood, NJ) [University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)]

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Reagan, Michael D., ’48, Prof. Emeritus of Poli. Sci., University of California at Riverside [Princeton]

Reardon, John J., ’47, Prof. of History, Loyola University (Chicago) [Georgetown]

Rousseau, Richard W., ex ’45, Jesuit President Emeritus of the Association of Jesuit  University Presses [St. Paul University, Ottawa]

Ryan, Thomas R., ’77, Dir. Lancaster County Hist. Soc. & Adj. Prof. American Studies  and U. S. History at Franklin & Marshall and at Millersville University [Delaware]

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Samito, Christian G., ’95, Boston Law Associate and Teacher at Boston College Law  School [Boston College]

Santoro, Anthony R., ’60, Dist. Prof. of History, Christopher Newport University (VA) [Rutgers]

Schweitzer, Thomas A., '66, Prof. of Law, Tauro Law School [U. of Wisconsin (Madison)]

Smaldone, Joseph P., ’67, Adjunct Prof. of Liberal Studies, Georgetown [Northwestern]

Spagnoli, Paul G., ’66, Assoc. Prof. of History, Boston College [Harvard]

Strauss, Charles T., '02, Mount Saint Mary's College [Notre Dame]

Sullivan, Mark W., ’71, Prof. of Art History, Villanova University [Bryn Mawr]

Sullivan, Michael J. III, ’62, Prof. of Poli. Sci., Drexel University (Philadelphia) [University of Virginia]

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Thorning, Joseph F., ‘18, Consultant to Congressional Committees on Latin America &  Priest  of the Archdiocese of Baltimore[Catholic U] Deceased

Tutino, John M., ’69, Assoc. Prof. of History & Chair at Georgetown [University of Texas, Austin]

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Wall, Robert Emmet, ’60, Provost at Concordia University (Montreal) [Yale] Deceased

Whelan, Paul A.,  ’58, Prof. of History at Air Force Academy [St. Louis] Deceased.

Witkowski, Gregory R., ’93, Asst. Prof. of History, Ball State (IN)  [SUNY, Buffalo]

Wright, Robert K., Jr., ’68, Retired Historian, USA Center of Military History    [William & Mary]

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*NOTE: Since there was no Department of Political Science at Holy Cross  before 1970,  those who studied at Holy Cross before that year (the year when the departments separated) and later earned doctorates in political science are included in this list as are those in some other disciplines which did not exist at Holy Cross as separate departments in the humanities.  Noteworthy is the statistic about Holy Cross, in Thomas Sowell’s Choosing a College (2003), which ranks it among eight leading liberal arts colleges for having  283 graduates from all fields pursuing doctorates  during the decade from 1977 to 1986. While a number of these are on this list, this compilation does not include people whose writings entitle them to be recognized as historians like Rev. John J. McCoy (deceased), Class of 1876, the historian of the Diocese of Springfield, upon whom Holy Cross conferred an honorary doctorate in 1904; Thomas F. Troy, (1919-2008), Class of 1941, who is recognized for his historical studies dealing with national security; Thomas Phelan (deceased), Class of 1946, who served as dean of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1972-1995) and was recognized as its historian; Michael Harrington (deceased), Class of 1947; whose political writings, especially The Other America (1962), have left their mark on the nation and upon whom Holy Cross also conferred an honorary doctorate in 1971; the late Robert G. Kane, Sr., Class of 1955, who was for forty years at Worcester State where he served as chair of the history department; Nancy Lusignan Schultz,Class of 1978, who earned her doctorate in English from Boston College but is really an historian as her study, Fire & Roses: The Burning of the Charlestown Convent, 1834 (2000), indicates; Peter Jankowski, Class of 1986, Executive Producer of Law & Order and other shows; and David Mitchell, Class of 1991, who is the 2009 Preserve America History Teacher of the Year. Others like Mark G. Brennan, Class 1986, at the University of Pennsylvania; Michael E. Neagle, Class of 1998, at the University of Connecticut; and Paul J. Tabor, Class of 1977, at Columbia University, are finishing their doctorates. Lastly, for their help in compiling this list, Rev. Vincent A. Lapomarda, S. J., is grateful to a number of persons at Holy Cross, above all, his present and past colleagues in the Department of History and Roseann Fitzgerald of the Development Office.


Kindly inform Fr. Lapomarda if there are any names that should be added or subtracted from this list.

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