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Courses Required for the Deaf Studies Minor
Students will need to take six courses as following:  

A.  ASL courses

DFST 201 - Intermediate ASL 1
DFST 202 - Intermediate ASL 2
DFST 301 - Comp & Con

B.  Deaf Studies - two of the three following courses regularly offered within the Deaf Studies program:

DFST 109 - Intro to Deaf Studies (required)
DFST 300: The Deaf Community, Language, and Culture (optional)
DFST 303 (formerly 203) - Deaf Literature (optional)

C.  One additional approved course with a focus on ASL or Deaf Studies taken at Holy Cross or at another institution.  This could be a second course from Holy Cross offerings in Deaf Studies in (B) above, or any of the following courses, regularly offered at Holy Cross, or an approved course offered at another institution:

DFST 350 - Experience in the Deaf Community: Internship Seminar 
Education 167 - Educational Psychology
Education 340 - Multicultural Education
Psychology 220 - Sensation and Social Neuroscience
Psychology 353 - Language, Thoughts, and Culture