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Special Events

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Guidelines for the planning of special events which may require Physical Plant services.  Service/support requests should be submitted on a Physical Plant Work Request form and should include the following information regarding the event:

c) TIME OF EVENT (start/end)

In addition, please review the following guidelines and include detailed information on the request regarding any that are applicable (ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS, TABLES/CHAIRS, STAGING, VARSITY AND INTRAMURAL SPORTS, MISCELLANEOUS)

Electrical Requirements

If band or disc jockey is required for event:

a) What equipment will they be using?
b) What amperage does each piece of equipment draw?
c) Are 110 circuits needed?
-how many?
d) Is 220 line needed?
e) What time is band/disc jockey arriving to set up?
f) Is electrician needed for
-set up/take down only?
-the entire event?
g) What time do you request the electrician to arrive?

If a lighting company is involved:

a) What are their electrical requirements? (itemize in same manner as band/disc jockey requirements)
b) Is an electrician with mechanical lift needed to hang any fixtures

If an orator is to speak:

a) Will a microphone be needed? If yes, should it be free-standing or attached to a podium?


If tables or chairs are needed for the event:

a) How many tables, size of tables (6', 8', etc.) & shape (rounds, rectangular)?
b) How many chairs, type of chairs
c) Where are they coming from? (The Physical Plant Department does not own or stock tables and chairs. Generally, event organizers either make arrangements with Hogan Conference Services to borrow tables & chairs (when available) or the group rents them from local vendors. The Purchasing Department could assist you in making rental arrangements.
d) Where are tables/chairs being delivered to?
e) Who is setting them up?
-Physical Plant?
f) If Physical Plant is setting them up:
- How would you like them arranged? Please provide diagrams and have a contact person available for questions.
- When (date & time) can they be set up? Please note when area is free to be worked in.
g) When should the tables/chairs be broken down & returned? (Date/time)

Center for Music

If staging is required for the event:

a) Dimensions required
b) Placement of staging (include diagram)
c) When (date & time) can it be set up? Please note when area is free to be worked in.
d) When can it be broken down & returned (date & time)

Varsity and Intramural Sports


a) Do any fields need to be marked/lined for the game?
b) Does any equipment need to be placed on the field? If yes, where is Physical Plant picking up the equipment?


If trash cans or recycling bins are needed for the event:
a) How many of each required?
b) Where should they be placed?
c) When can they be returned?

If Grounds or Building Services personnel are needed during the event:
a) How many people are requested?
b) What time is coverage needed (from/to)
c) Will personnel be needed to continually empty trash cans during the event?

If event is after "regular operating hours"
a) Will Physical Plant personnel be needed to come in following the event (or next day- i.e.: Saturday, Sunday) to clean up?
b) Can clean up be held off until next normal working day/hours?

If event is to be held outdoors:
a) What are the alternate arrangements if weather is bad? (i.e.: rain site)

If any sports equipment (i.e.: volley ball net) is needed for event:
a) What equipment is needed?
b) Where should it be set up?
c) When can it be returned?

If you have any further questions or need assistance in determining what Physical Plant support is needed for the event your are organizing, please call our Work Control Office at X2263 or e-mail .