Volume 26

Maurice A. GÉRACHT Representing the Unpresentable 

Elaine SCARRY Among School Children: The Use of Body Damage to Express Physical Pain Images

Harold SCHWEIZER Rodin's Bare Arm, Valentine's Face: Ethical Dimenstions in Ferdinand Hodler's Paintings of Valentine Godé-Darel  

Sigrun MEINIG Out of Line: Illness & Aesthetics in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty and Henry James’s The Wings of the Dove    

Melissa R. KATZ Preventative Medicine: Josse Lieferinxe's Retable Altar of St. Sebastian as a Defense against Plague in 15th-century Provence  

Jane GRIFFITHS Voicing the commonplace: emblem, interpretation and civil society in William Bullein’s Dialogue Against the Fever Pestilence  

Paul BEAVITT Melanau Sickness Images, Spirits Given Physical Form  Images

Sophie VASSET Destroying to Cure: Representation of Treatment in 18th Century Medical Treatises  Images

William E. STEMPSEY Spontaneous Human Combustion and Other Imaginary Maladies   

Lars ELLESTRÖM Sociosomatic Illness and Grotesque Bodies in Late 19th-Century Narrative Fiction  

Zoe TRODD  The Body in the Garden: Death, Inevitability and the Trace in Literary and Photographic Representations of the American Civil War  Images

Sara R. DANGER Wounded by Culture: Reading May Alcott's Illustrations forLittle Women in Context  Images

David ROCHE  Disease and Anti-Naturalism in Raymond Carver's "Fat" and "Small, Good Thing" and David Lynch's Blue Velvet  Images

Dirk VISSER Plagued for Their Offence: AIDS & Theatrical Representation  

Ellen KIRSCHNER  Woman Reconstructed: A Breast Cancer Journey   Images