Volume 24



Carole CAMBRAY   Foreword

William GASS   The Architecture of the Sentence  Images

Ralph DEKONINCK  At the Threshold of the Book-as-Monument: the Architectural Imagery of the Frontispiece in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century  Images

Agnès  GUIDERDONI-BRUSLÉ Rébus de pierre et calligrammes dans Le Songe de Poliphile (1546): les architectures parlantes de la langue parfaite  Images

Virginia  CHIEFFO RAGUIN  Architecture as Frame for Narrative in Stained Glass   Images

Laurence BELINGARD Religious Drama, Theatrical Architecture, and the Battle for Power in Late Medieval England Images

Muriel CUNIN “Look then to be Well Edified”: Mental, Textual, and Architectural (Re)construction in the Renaissance  Images

Robert MANKIN Fictional Knowledge: Libraries in Gibbon’s Decline and Fall 

Victoria COULSON Madwomen in the Attics? Architecture of the Self in Victorian Gothic Representation  Images

David SAMSON  Philip Johnson, Architecture, and the Rebellion of the Text: 1930-1934

Nathaniel COLEMAN  Words of Desire: Envisaging Architecture  Images

Patricio DEL REAL  Architecture’s Poetic Service: Amereida and Building a Space for Poetry  Images

Serge PAUL Robert Smithson and Apocalyptic Architecture  Images

Deborah  ASCHER BARNSTONE   The Dynamic Relationship between Text and Architecture: Günter Behnisch’s Bonn Bundeshaus  Images

Donna COHEN  The Roofed Letters: Sukkah, Text as Architecture   Images