Volume 20 -19 Section II

TAMAR YACOBI, Ekphrasis in the Service of Time: The Case of Dan Pagis 

CAROLE CAMBRAY, The Impossible Paradox: the Representation of Time in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and Two of its Illustrated Versions 

MAURICE A. GERACHT, Representing Time and the Narrative Structure of Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse 

PRISCILLA MARTIN, Time and The Bell 

SUSAN RODGERS, Reading an Ideology of Time Anthropologically: An Example from Colonial Indonesian Literature

ELIZABETH TUTTLE, “Boxed” Time in Seventeenth-Century English Prints: Early “Comic strips” and Political Crisis

CATHERINE DELESSE, Visual and Verbal Representations of Time in Comic Strips and Graphic Novels 

ELISA CAMPOREALE, Telling Time in Florence Cathedral: the Frescoed Clock by Paolo Uccello and Coeval Tuscan Public Clocks