Group Exercise Instructor

Joanne LaMorticelli

Job Description

Group Exercise Instructors will provide a professional level of guided instruction to class participants.  They will also make sure that the facility and its equipment are being properly used, cleaned, and maintained.  The instructor is responsible for the supervision and operation of the class and its participants.  Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Provide a welcoming, inclusive, safe, clean and enjoyable classroom environment

  • Conduct classes for participants following protocols set forth by Campus Recreation

    • Proper warm up, class routine, cool down, and stretching period

    • Accompany your class with appropriate music

    • Instruct within your knowledge and expertise

    • Be aware of participant safety during class

  • Set up and break down the exercise room

  • Manage the check-in process for class participants

  • Report any safety or equipment concerns to the Building Supervisor

  • Complete all forms and follow all procedures as set forth by Campus Recreation

  • Attend all mandatory staff meetings and workshops