Comprehensive Investigation Oversight Committee


In May 2021, the Board of Trustees initiated a Comprehensive Investigation into Faculty Sexual Misconduct. The investigation followed public reports in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years of sexual misconduct involving two College employees. In response to those reports, the College examined and took steps to address the culture, structures and procedures that may have allowed misconduct to occur. However, some members of the community believed it was important to conduct a more comprehensive investigation. The Board of Trustees charged a Comprehensive Investigation Oversight Committee (CIOC), consisting of representatives of the Board of Trustees, faculty and administration, with overseeing the independent investigation. The investigation’s aim was to recommend evidence-based actions to improve culture, restore trust, acknowledge accountability and decrease student vulnerability as related to faculty sexual misconduct.

The Report

The Comprehensive Investigation into Faculty Sexual Misconduct is now complete, and the final report of the investigators has been shared in its entirety with the Holy Cross community. It is available here, both in a full, detailed form and in a summary report of findings and conclusions.

Report of Comprehensive Investigation into Faculty Sexual Misconduct

Summary of Findings and Conclusions

Recommendation Implementation Committee

In December 2022, President Rougeau announced the membership of a committee tasked with advancing the recommendations found in the Cozen O'Connor report. The committee of faculty and staff members released an update on their work in Fall 2023.

Recommendation Implementation Committee Fall 2023 Update

Frequently Asked Questions

Milestone Messaging

Report Release:

Scope of the Investigation

Scope document (PDF)

Committee Members

  • Nancy E. Andrews Ph.D, Associate Professor, Classics; Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies
  • Nancy R. Baldiga CPA, Professor, Economics and Accounting
  • J. Christopher Collins, Esq. ’80, Member of the Board of Trustees; Of Counsel, Mirick O’Connell
  • Michele C. Murray Ph.D, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Donna Murphy O’Brien ’77, Member of the Board of Trustees; President, Strategic Visions in Healthcare
  • Daniel P. Ricciardi ’06, Associate Vice President for Investments and Institutional Resources

Advised by attorney Michael E. Baughman of Troutman Pepper.

Investigative Team

The investigation was conducted by Gina Maisto Smith and Leslie Gomez of Cozen O’Connor in Philadelphia. Ms. Smith and Ms. Gomez serve as the chair and vice-chair, respectively, of Cozen O’Connor’s Institutional Response Group, the nation’s first practice dedicated to improving institutional responses to sexual and gender-based harassment and violence, child abuse, other forms of discrimination and harassment, workplace misconduct and criminal conduct.

Contact Information

With the release of the final report, the CIOC’s service will soon conclude, and the work will transition to a committee that will be charged with review and implementation of the report’s recommendations. In the meantime, the CIOC continues to welcome feedback from the community; if you have additional questions or comments about the investigation and/or report, please email