Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

Are you a student interested in creating your own path? Are you a faculty member considering a new direction in your research or teaching? 

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) is a catalyst for innovation and experimentation for both students and faculty across disciplines. A wide range of academic programming inside and outside of the classroom nurtures and cultivates research, writing, and dialogue. CIS promotes both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary* learning and teaching at the College — approaches that are an integral part of a liberal arts education.
(* Interdisciplinary generally refers to the integration of methods and knowledge from two or more disciplines. Multidisciplinary approaches draw upon several disciplines to address a question or set of issues.) 
CIS academic and cocurricular programs provide opportunities for students and faculty to address the following themes:
  • The intersection of race, class, gender — locally and globally
  • Past and present implications of science and technology in societies
  • Questions of globalization in relation in society, politics, and culture
  • Dialogue across the arts, humanities, and STEM (science, technology and mathematics) 
  • Intellectual engagement with the ideals of service and social justice