Academic Programs - Majors

Each Holy Cross student’s curriculum consists of common requirements (which can be fulfilled by selecting from a wide range of courses), a major, and freely elected courses. In designing their course of study, many students opt to combine majors and/or add a minor or a concentration.

The table below shows the Academic Programs the College of the Holy Cross offers sorted by Major.
Academic Programs Major Minor Concentration Career Program
Accounting CheckMark      
Africana Studies SD   CheckMark  
Anthropology CheckMark CheckMark    
Architectural Studies* SD SD    
Art History CheckMark CheckMark    
Asian Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Biology CheckMark      
Catholic Studies* SD SD    
Chemistry CheckMark      
Chinese Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Chinese Language and Civilization* SD SD    
Classics CheckMark      
Computer Science CheckMark CheckMark    
Deaf Studies and Sign Languages* SD CheckMark    
Economics CheckMark      
English CheckMark      
Environmental Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Film Studies* SD SD    
French and Francophone Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies SD   CheckMark  
German Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Health Studies SD      
History CheckMark      
International Studies CheckMark No    
Italian Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Latin American and Latino Studies SD   CheckMark  
Mathematics CheckMark      
Medieval and Renaissance Studies* SD SD    
Middle Eastern Studies* SD SD    
Music CheckMark      
Philosophy CheckMark CheckMark    
Physics CheckMark CheckMark    
Political Science CheckMark      
Psychology CheckMark      
Religious Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Russian Studies CheckMark CheckMark    
Russian and Eastern European Studies* SD SD    
Sociology CheckMark      
Sociology and Anthropology CheckMark CheckMark    
Spanish CheckMark      
Studies in World Literatures CheckMark      
Studio Art CheckMark CheckMark    
Theatre CheckMark      
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures SD CheckMark    

* Student Designed Program