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Faculty Life Holy Cross

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Academic Excellence

Our 10:1 student to faculty ratio is among the best in the country, which means that our faculty really get to know our students on an individual basis. We are one of a few colleges that meet 100% of a student's demonstrated financial need.

Generous pre- and post- tenure leaves

Every tenure-track faculty member receives a one-semester pre-tenure research leave to pursue a fully paid period of research. Tenured faculty members receive a one semester fully paid leave, or a full academic year leave at 80% salary.

Faculty development support

The College offers a comprehensive range of faculty development opportunities including a new faculty orientation, sponsored research, conference travel support, and faculty mentor programs.

Competitive salaries & benefits

Our benefits include excellent medical plans, retirement benefits, and real estate and moving benefit programs.

Work-Life Balance

Wellness and work-life balance are highly valued at the College. Our location makes it much easier for dual-career couples to find jobs in a variety of industries. The New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium offers job postings.

Living and Working in Worcester

Worcester offers a range of cultural, recreational and professional opportunities at an affordable price, and is a 45 minute drive from Boston! Learn more about the City of Worcester in the video below.


Living and Working in Worcester

Hear more about how our faculty experience living and working in Worcester!


professor leaning against the desk in his office
Worcester a 'Wonderfully Livable Mid-Sized City'

"Open to new people and new ideas, Worcester is a place where you can make a difference," said Denis Kennedy, assistant professor of political science, in a commentary for the Telegram & Gazette.