Rhetoric and Composition

Rhetoric and Composition: Self-Designed Minor

The rhetoric and composition multidisciplinary minor supports students in developing effective communication in writing, speaking, and visual media, which will be beneficial throughout their academic career and beyond.

In addition to core courses in academic writing and the theory and practice of rhetoric and/or composition, offered in the Department of English, you can select courses from across the College to enrich knowledge in one of two emphases — rhetoric or composition. Rhetoric is helpful for activism, law, nongovernmental organizations, public policy, and more; you might select courses in classical rhetoric, political and legal theory, and social movements. Composition is helpful for teaching at every level, chaplaincy, journalism, social work and more; you might select courses in composition theory and pedagogy, specialized writing, and digital art studio. The minor consists of six total courses and a portfolio.

Semester away opportunities, such as New York City and Washington D.C. semesters, could count toward the minor as well.

The minor requires you to compile a portfolio of representative samples of your work that concludes with a reflection highlighting your accomplishments.

The minor director, Professor Laurie Ann Britt-Smith, will advise you on the suitability of possible course selections and the coherence of your minor as a whole.

Program Highlights

  • Student choice drives the curriculum
  • Cross-disciplinary study enhances content and skills
  • Core courses promote Jesuit value of eloquentia perfecta, to become a “good person speaking well”
  • The minor director will assist you in developing a portfolio of work that can be used for prospective employers, graduate programs, etc.