Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment Group receives reports of individuals whose behavior is perceived as threatening to others, evaluates the level of risk the individual may present, engages in threat management, and conducts follow up to promote continued safety throughout the community.

The Threat Assessment Group is not for emergencies. In the event someone poses an imminent risk to self or others, call Public Safety's emergency line at (508) 793-2222 if on campus and 9-1-1 if off-campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Threat Assessment Group?

The Threat Assessment Group (or TAG) is a small committee that uses a systematic process to identify and address individuals who may pose a risk to others.

Who serves on the Threat Assessment Group?

The core members of the team include:
Denielle Burl, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
Chief Shawn de Jong, Director of Public Safety
Paul Galvinhill, Director of the Counseling Center

The core team will consult with individuals with first-hand knowledge of the events giving rise to the original concern and, when appropriate, include representatives from different areas of campus.

When should we refer someone to TAG?

You are invited to consult with TAG anytime you believe or receive a report that someone may pose a risk of violence to someone else in the Holy Cross community. We receive reports on any individual, including current and former students, employees, guests, and members of our community.

What is the threat assessment process?

TAG uses a threat assessment process that was originally described in "The Handbook for Campus Threat Assessment & Management Teams" (Deisinger, Randazzo, O’Neill and Savage) and currently maintained by SIGMA Threat Management Associates. This threat assessment process is evidenced-based and derived from a variety of security sources, including U.S. Secret Service protective intelligence research, the Safe School Initiative, and FBI research. We have made slight alterations to the original process to more closely fit our institutions’ needs.

How do we refer someone to TAG?

You can contact TAG by:
Submitting a report at:
Contacting Denielle Burl at: or (508) 793-2339.
Contacting Paul Galvinhill at: or (508) 793-3363

What happens once we refer an individual to TAG?

When TAG receives a report, we conduct an initial assessment to determine the appropriate level of response. Reports of imminent risk are immediately referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. For other reports, once we determine that a situation meets the appropriate criteria, TAG will use its threat assessment process to conduct an investigation, facilitate a threat assessment and, if warranted, implemented a management plan. Throughout the process, TAG will communicate with the original reporter, and, when necessary and appropriate, communicate with others who may be impacted.