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HCM, the official alumni magazine of the College, is your fast-track to every aspect of the Holy Cross Community. From the latest news to in-depth ‘think pieces,’ we bring our 40,000 readers back to campus with every issue. Learn about prestigious faculty members and alumni near and far. HCM gives you the stories of our College four times each year.
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The Athletics Annual Report presents the many great highlights of the previous academic year, in a moment of celebration. As Crusaders, we are committed to affecting positive change. Our student-athletes never lose sight of their goals and overcome challenges with poise and determination. We believe in the importance of applauding the accomplishments of our student-athletes, now more than ever.
Their stories began on the Hill — from Tony-winning theater directors to business visionaries, social activists to brilliant researchers, our alumni are a fascinating group. Find out how they went from Mount St. James to the pinnacles of success, from Easy Street to profound personal journeys, and how Holy Cross helped to shape each of these remarkable lives.