5 Tips for Researching Colleges

The college search process can be a stressful experience – here are some tips to help get the most out of this period of time.

1. Take Advantage of Virtual Sessions

During the pandemic, colleges and universities across the country began providing virtual opportunities for students to learn about their offerings. Daily information sessions, virtual campus tours and interviews with admissions counselors and current students are readily available.

Two people discussing what they are looking at on a laptop.
2. Sign Up for College Admissions’ Mailing Lists

Many colleges and universities continue to revise their deadlines and requirements for applications, so to ensure you’re getting the latest information from the schools you are interested in, sign up for their email lists so you don’t miss important updates.

Entrance gate with College of the Holy Cross plaque and white, pink and purple tulips blooming on the ground.
3. Connect with the Office of Admission

Admission counselors are excited to connect with prospective students, to answer their questions and to help personalize the search and application period of time.  Reach out to your admission counselor and help them get to know you as you learn more about their college.

Students and instructor gathered in a classroom around their laptops working together.
4. Look for Opportunities to Connect with Faculty and Current Students

At Open House events, you’ll have the chance to meet the faculty who would be teaching you and the students with whom you’d share a classroom.  These experiences will give you firsthand insight into what the student experience is really like.


Students in a cafe sitting at a table talking.
5. Rethink Your Visit to Campus

Yes, it’s important to take the campus tour but to get the most out of your time on campus, it’s important to spend some time exploring the campus on your own.  If you grab a smoothie at the campus coffee shop or spend some time reading the student newspaper, you’ll gain real authentic insight into student life on campus.