Photography is one of the primary means by which we express ourselves and represent history. 

student at a desk looking at a photo

Students will learn the rudimentary aspects of the medium through regular assignments culminating in a final portfolio project. Class time will be devoted to lab demonstrations as well as critical discussions of student work. Each student learns to be sensitive and conscious of lighting, composition and image design. Also, through lectures and analysis, students study the history and criticism of photography as a visually expressive language.

All of these activities will help students learn the language of photography and help develop critical skills for creating and discussing photographic images. Students will develop a personal vision and follow through with ideas about photography and image making.

Intermediate and advanced courses are devoted to regular discussions of contemporary issues regarding lens-based media. Students will learn more advanced aspects of image making and storytelling through regular assignments culminating in a final project. Additional topics will include professional-quality lighting and intermediate-level software editing techniques. Emphasis will focus on conceptual development and personal vision. 


  • VAST 130 Photography 1
  • VAST 230 Photography 2

Examples of Student Artwork