Painting is a practice with thousands of years of history that still remains contemporary and relevant in the 21st century. 

student working

Painting courses at Holy Cross provide students with a grounding in the formal and technical skills of all painting media while encouraging the exploration of subject matter and thematic development. Peer feedback and critique are a consistent part of all painting courses, as are readings and discussions that support the understanding of painting as a contemporary and historical practice. 

Beginning courses provide a core foundation of skills, particularly in the study of color, that lay the groundwork for upper-level painting courses by exploring a variety of subject matter and stylistic approaches. Upper-level courses allow students further practice with complex subjects, such as the life model, landscape, mixed media, and abstraction. Students are encouraged to situate their work within the context of contemporary painting and to embark on personal thematic exploration and independent work. 


  • VAST 200 Painting 1
  • VAST 201 Painting 2
  • Painting from the Model
  • VAST 203 Fundamentals of Color
  • Painting Topics

Examples of Student Artwork