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Faculty & Staff

Denis V. Kennedy

Concentration Director, Assistant Professor, Political Science 
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Fields: International Relations theory, global governance, NGOs, humanitarianism 
Office: Fenwick 303 Phone: 508-793-3716
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Noel D. Cary

Professor, History
Ph.D., University or California, Berkeley  
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Judith A. Chubb

Professor, Political Science 
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office: Fenwick 324 PO Box: 173A Phone: 508-793-3458




Predrag Cicovacki

Professor, Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Rochester  
Office: Smith 518 Phone: (508) 793 2467
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Susan M. Cunningham

Associate Director for Concentrations, Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., University of Maryland
Office: Smith 331 Phone: 508-793-2703





Selina Gallo-Cruz

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., Emory University
Fields: culture; gender; global change; social movements; NGOs; nonviolence; methods; social theory  
Office: Beaven 223 Phone: (508) 793-3468
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Jeffrey Dixon

Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology 
Ph.D., Indiana University
Fields: political sociology, race and ethnicity, research methods, the EU and Turkey, and social stratification
Office: Beaven 224
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Thomas Doughton

Senior Lecturer, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Ph.D., Université de Paris
Office: Smith 503 Phone: (508) 793 2396





Matthew T. Eggemeier

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Fields: modern and contemporary Christian theologies; political and liberation theologies; postmodern theology  
Smith 432
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R.L. Green

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara
Fields: religion in the Americas; indigenous religious traditions; African diaspora; Spanish Catholic thought  
Office: Smith 433
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Mark Hallahan

Associate Professor, Psychology 
Ph.D., Harvard University
Office: Beaven 330 PO Box: 164A Phone: 508-793-2279




Cynthia V. Hooper

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University
Fields: Russian and Soviet history; comparative dictatorship; culture and politics in 20th century Europe  
Office: O'Kane 386 PO Box: 170A Phone: 508-793-3447
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Ellis Jones

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology 
Ph.D., University of Colorado
Fields: corporate social responsibilty, mass media, social movements, sustainability, peace and conflict, ethical consumerism  
 Beaven 219 Phone: (508) 793-3478
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Vickie Langohr

Associate Professor, Political Science
Ph.D. Columbia University  
Office: Fenwick 326 PO Box: 167A Phone: 508-793-2763
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Aditi Malik

Assistant Professor, Political Science
Ph.D. Northwestern University 
Fenwick 311 PO Box: 49A Phone: 508-793-2516




Gwenn Miller

Associate Professor, History
Ph.D., Duke University
Fields: Comparative colonial and early American history; American Indian, environmental, economic, and women's history; history of the American West; Alaska and Siberia
Office: O'Kane 385 PO Box: 64A  Phone: 508-793-3449




Ke Ren

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, History
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Fields:  late imperial and modern Chinese history, Cultural and intellectual history, Sino-Western exchanges, cosmopolitanism, and transnational movements
Office: O'Kane 369  PO Box: 61A Phone: 508-793-2764



Maria Rodrigues

Associate Professor, Political Science
Ph.D., Boston University  
Office: Fenwick 327 PO Box: 163A Phone: 508-793-3410
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Stephanie E. Yuhl

Professor, History
Ph.D., Duke University  
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William Woody, S.J.

Pre-doctoral Teaching Fellow, Philosophy
Office: Smith 516 Phone: (508) 793 3857




James Stormes, S.J. 

Visiting Lecturer, Economics