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Faculty & Staff


Juan G. Ramos

Director, Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies,
Associate Professor, Spanish

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Fields:  19th-21st Century Latin American and Spanish Poetry; 19th-21st Century Latin American Fiction; Aesthetics and Politics in Latin American Film and Music; Latin American Critical Thought
Office:  Stein 408   Phone: 508-793-2607
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Josep Alba-Salas

Professor, Spanish
Ph.D. Cornell University
Fields:  Romance philology (synchronic and diachronic approaches to collocations); Romance linguistics (Spanish, Catalan and Italian); theoretical syntax (Light verb constructions, Control, expletives, and noun predicates); Second Language Acquisition and foreign language pedagogy (acquisition of Spanish as a second language, curriculum design, development of pedagogical materials, and teacher training and supervision)  
Office:   Stein 414     Phone:  508-793-2539
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Sandra Paola Cadena-Pardo

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati







Rosa E. Carrasquillo

Professor, History
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Fields:  Latin America; Afro-Caribbean History; Gender History; History of Latino/as in the United States
Office:   O'Kane 358     Phone:   508-793-3450
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Thomas Doughton

Senior Lecturer; Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Ph.D., Universite de Paris






Matthew T. Eggemeier

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Fields:  modern and contemporary Christian theologies; political and liberation theologies; postmodern theology
Office: Smith 432     Phone:  508-793-3948
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Ericka Fisher

ericka fisher

Associate Professor, Education
Ed. D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Fields: Educational psychology, school counseling, multicultural education, social justice education, qualitative research methods in urban settings  
Office:  Stein 436     Phone:   508-793-3732
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Bridget Franco

Associate Professor, Spanish
Ph.D. University of California - Irvine
Fields: Contemporary Latin American Literature, 20th/21st century Southern Cone Literature and Film, Philosophy and Politics in Literature  
Office:  Stein 412       Phone:  508-793-2291
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Daniel Frost

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields:  18th & 19th Century Spanish Literature, Literature & Visual Technology, Landscape Studies 
Office:   Stein 407     Phone:  508-793-3708
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Rodrigo Fuentes

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Cornell University
Office: Stein 410
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Selina Gallo-Cruz

Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., Emory University
Fields: culture; gender; global change; social movements; NGOs; nonviolence; methods; social theory  
Office: Beaven 223 Phone: (508) 793-3468
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Osvaldo N. Golijov

Loyola Professor of Music
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Fields:  Composition, World Music, Film Scoring  
Office: Brooks 140   Phone:  508-793-2761
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Ernest Rafael Hartwell

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Harvard University
Fields: Anticolonial Narratives; 19th-Century Latin American and Philippine History and Literature, Indigenism
Office: Stein 407
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Alvaro Jarrin

Associate Professor, Sociology
Ph.D., Duke University
Fields: medical anthropology; science and technology studies; race,
class and gender inequality in Latin America; queer theory; social justice; environmental activism  
Office: Beaven 216 Phone: (508) 793-2774
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Ellen Lokos

Visiting Associate Professor
Office: Stein 441






Amanda Luyster

Lecturer, Visual Arts
Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields:  Medieval, and cross-cultural art history
Office:  Fenwick 439    Phone:  508-793-2782
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Elizabeth O'Connell Inman

Director, Directed Independent Spanish Curriculum, Lecturer, Spanish
M.A. Brown University
Fields:  Technology in the Language Classroom, Directed Independent Language Instruction, Contemporary Latin American Literature 
Office:   Stein 312      Phone:   508-793-3412
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Justin D. Poché

Associate Professor, History
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Fields:  Catholicism in the U. S. United States History, 1865-Present; American Religious History; Latin American History; U.S. Latino/a History  
Office:  O'Kane 390    Phone:   508-793-3448
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Kollen Rask

On Leave 2018 - 2019

Ph.D., Yale University
Fields: Economic Development, Transition Economics, History of Economic Thought, International Trade, Macroeconomics
Office:  Stein 504     Phone:  508-793-2768
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Kristina Reardon

Associate Director, Center for Writing

M.F.A. University of New Hampshire; Ph.D. University of Connecticut (A.B.D.)
Fields: Writing Centers, Composition Studies, Creative Writing (Fiction), Comparative Literature, 20th Century European Literature (British, Spanish, Slovene, and Italian), Modernism, War and Literature, Human Rights, Humor Studies
Phone: (508) 793-2287   Office: Dinand 212



William E. Reiser S.J.

Professor, Religious Studies
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Fields:  New Testament Theology, Christology, Christian Spirituality, Systematic Theology
Office:   Smith 401     Phone:   508-793-3413
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Maria Rodrigues

Professor, Political Science
Ph.D., Boston Univeristy
Fields:  Environmental politics; Latin American politics
Office: Fenwick 327  Phone:  508-793-3410
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Jorge Santos

Assistant Professor, English
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Fields: Ethnic American Literature; Immigrant/Migrant Literature; Ethnic Studies; American Cultural Studies; Graphic Narrative
Office:  Fenwick 225      Phone:  508-793-3460
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Lorelle D. Semley

Professor, History
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Fields: Modern West Africa, French imperialism, gender, and the Atlantic world
Office:  O'Kane 388    Phone:  508-793-2769
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Olena (Mykhaylova) Staveley-O'Carroll


Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Georgetown University
Fields: Open economy macroeconomics, international capital movements, and monetary policy
Office:  Stein 540     Phone: 508-793-2736
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Michelle Sterk Barrett

Director, Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning
Smith 332     Phone: 508-793-3006





Cynthia L. Stone

Professor, Spanish
Ph.D. University of Michigan
Fields: Mesoamerican Codices, Early Missionary Writings in the New World, Films set in Colonial Spanish America, Translations of Indigenous Traditions
Office:  Stein 459     Phone:   508-793-2272
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Melissa F. Weiner

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Fields: race and ethnicity, education, social movements, social justice  
Office: Beaven 226 Phone: (508) 793-2217
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Schuyler Whelden

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Ethnomusicology
PO Box: 0