Sanjog Rupakheti


History Department
Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies
Asian Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies

Assistant Professor 
Ph.D., Rutgers University

Fields: Global/International; South Asia; Caste; Colonialism; Gender; Kingship; Law; Modernity; Nationalism


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Office Phone: 508-793- 3496
Office: O’Kane 391
PO Box: 165 A
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  • Gender & Nation
  • Warriors, Priests, and Outcastes
  • Modern India
  • Colonialism, Imperialism and their Critics

Selected Publications

Sanjog Rupakheti is an Associate Editor for the journal Studies in Nepali History and Society

Work in Progress

The Making of a Hindu Kingdom: Family, Law, and Power in Nepal (under contract with Oxford University Press)

“Gender, Genealogy, and Kingship: A Longue Duree History of the Shah Monarchy” in The Oxford Handbook of the Himalayas (in progress)

Articles and Chapters

“Beyond dharmashastras and Weberian Modernity: Law and State Making in Nineteenth Century Nepal” in Law Addressing Diversity: Pre-Modern India and Europe in Comparison. Thomas Ertl and Gijs Kruijtzer, eds. (Berlin: De Gruyter Academic Press, 2017).

"Reconsidering State-Society Relations in South Asia: A Himalayan Case Study," Himalaya, The Journal of the Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies, 35:2 (2015): 73-86.

Book Reviews

Bernardo Michael, State Making and Territory in South Asia: Lessons from the Anglo Gorkha War (1814-1816) (London: Anthem Press, 2012) in Studies in Nepali History and Society, Vol. 22 (2).

Baburam Acharya, et al., The Bloodstained Throne: Struggle for Power in Nepal, 1775-1914 (New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2013) in European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, (forthcoming)