Sample Courses

Sample courses in the Health Studies Program.


  • BIOL161: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL230: Developmental Biology
  • BIOL241: Virology
  • BIOL266: Cell Biology
  • BIOL267: Neurobiology
  • BIOL261: Genetics
  • BIOL392: Molecular Immunology
  • BIOL390: Physiology
  • BIOL283: Evolution
  • BIOL223: Microbiology
  • BIOL275: Biological Statistics
  • BIOL301: Biochemistry

Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

  • CISS250: Introduction to Global Health
  • CISS255: Critical Issues in Global Health
  • CISS299: Mixed Methods Health Research
  • CISS399: HIV/AIDS in Global Perspective


  • CHEM301: Biochemistry
  • CHEM371: Molecular Pharmacology

Deaf Studies and Sign Languages

  • DFST109: Introduction to Deaf Studies


  • ECON112: Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON114: Social Welfare and Public Policy
  • ECON205: Economics of Development
  • ECON222: Health Economics
  • ECON249: Statistics


  • HIST199: History of Medicine
  • HIST290: Sex and Society in Africa
  • HIST317:  Pain and Suffering: US History

Mathematics and Computer Science

  • MATH120: Statistical Reasoning
  • MATH220: Statistics
  • MATH299: Linear Models
  • MATH299: Categorical Data Analysis


  • PHIL250: Medical Ethics
  • PHIL273: Philosophy of Medicine
  • PHIL288: Death
  • PHIL289: Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
  • PHIL309: Approaches to Medical Ethics
  • PHIL340: Albert Schweitzer - Reverence for Life

Political Science

  • POLS100: Principles of American Government
  • POLS102: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLS103: Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS206: Public Policy
  • POLS249: Comparative Public Policy
  • POLS257: Politics of Development
  • POLS287: Humanitarianism


  • PSYC100: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC200: Statistics
  • PSYC221: Physiological Psychology
  • PSYC225: Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC229: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC239: Psychology and Aging
  • PSYC244: Health Psychology
  • PSYC252: Food, Nutrition & Health
  • PSYC314: Science, Medicine, and the Holocaust
  • PSYC315: Biology of Mental Disorders
  • PSYC316: Drugs of Abuse
  • PSYC337: Substance, Use, Misuse, and Abuse
  • PSYC340: Mental Health and Culture
  • PSYC347: Clinical Psychology
  • PSYC366: Seminar: Mind, Body, Health and Medicine

Religious Studies

  • RELS202: Native American Religious Traditions
  • RELS230: Theological Perspectives on Medical Ethics
  • RELS313: HIV/AIDS and Ethics

Sociology and Anthropology

  • ANTH101: Anthropological Perspectives
  • ANTH260: Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH351: The Anthropology of Biotechnology
  • SOCL101: Sociological Perspective
  • SOCL226: Social Statistics
  • SOCL257: Aging and Society
  • SOCL263: Medical Sociology