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Faculty & Staff

Ann Marie Leshkowich

Director, Asian Studies, Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields: Anthropology (Vietnam, Southeast Asia), gender, economic transformation, neoliberalism,middle classness, fashion, social work, and transnational adoption in Vietnam 
Office: Beaven 230 Phone: (508) 793-2788
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I Nyoman Catra

Visiting Fellow in Balinese Music, Theatre and Dance,Theatre
Ph.D., Wesleyan University
Fields: Balinese Theatre
Office: O'Kane 489 Phone: 508-793-2762




Gary P. DeAngelis

Lecturer, Associate Director of Special Studies 
Ph.D., Boston University/ Harvard University
Office: Smith 326 Phone: 508-793-2498




Thomas R. Gottschang

Professor, Economics 
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Fields: Economic History, Comparative Economic Systems, Economic Growth and Development, Transitional Economics, China, Vietnam  
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Ji Hao

Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Fields: Chinese language and literature





Baozhang He

Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Fields: Chinese Linguistics, Language, Literature, and Culture  
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Nurhaizatul Jamil

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., Northwestern University 




Shirish Korde

Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Music
M.M., New England Conservatory of Music
Fields:  Music (India), Theory, Composition, World Music  
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Lynn Kremer

Professor, Theatre
M.F.A., Brandeis University
Fields: Theatre (Southeast Asia, Indonesia)  
O'Kane 470 Phone: 508-793-2462
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Todd Lewis

Professor, Religious Studies
Ph.D., Columbia University
Fields: Buddhism, Hinduism, East Asian religions, anthropology of religions, modernization, ecology and religion 
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Tat-Siong Benny Liew

Class of 1956 Professor in New Testament Studies, Religious Studies
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Fields: synoptic gospels, gospel of John, cultural and racial interpretations and receptions of the Bible, apocalypticism, Asian American history and literature  Office: Smith 422
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Ke Ren

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, History
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Fields: late imperial and modern Chinese history, Cultural and intellectual history, Sino-Western exchanges, cosmopolitanism, and transnational movements
Office: O'Kane 369  PO Box: 61A  Phone: 508-793-2764




Susan Rodgers

Professor Emerita, Anthropology
Distinguished Professor Emerita, Ethics and Society, Holy Cross

Ph.D., University of Chicago
Fields: Anthropology of literature, print literacies, anthropology of art and museums, Indonesia, Sumatra 
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Claudia N. Ross

Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Fields: Linguistics (lexical and semantic structure), Chinese language pedagogy  
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Mathew N. Schmalz

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Fields: global Catholicisms, Hinduism, Catholic esotericism, modern religious movements  
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May Sim

Professor, Philosophy
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Fields: Ancient Philosophy (Plato & Aristotle), Asian Philosophy (Confucianism & Daoism), ethics, metaphysics and human rights  
Smith 522 Phone: (508) 793 2508
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Lulei Su

Visiting Instructor, Chinese
Cand. Ph.D., Ohio State University
Fields: Chinese language  




Yutian Tan

Visiting Instructor, Chinese 
Cand. Ph.D., Ohio State University
Fields:  Chinese Linguistics, Chinese dialectology, Language and Society




Karen L. Turner

Distinguished Professor of Humanities, History, Professor
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Fields: Comparative law; Chinese legal history; Vietnamese history; Women and war; Law and human rights in Asia; Comparative empires.  
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Lihua Wang

Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., Northeastern University
Fields: Sociology, gender, work, family, globalization, neoliberalism, poverty reduction, and one-child policy in China  Phone: (508) 793-3588
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