Our Work

Student learning and growth during college does not stop at the boundaries of classroom doors or faculty offices.

College is a time of exploration and growth, both inside and outside of the classroom. In the setting of a residential campus, students at Holy Cross are asked to be active participants in the formation of a close-knit community; seek opportunities to deepen their understanding of themselves; engage in meaningful and sometimes challenging dialogue; and tend to their well-being and contribute to conditions that will allow themselves and others to thrive. 

3 students in a residential hall, playing video games and smiling. The sun is shining through the window and the students are having a good time.
The Residential Experience

With more than 90% of the student body living on-campus, the residential experience is integral to the strong sense of community at the College. Holy Cross is students’ “home away from home”, a place where students live with and learn from their peers, a place where life-long friendships are formed, and transformative experiences occur.

A photo of a residential hall on a sunny day.
Residence Life and Housing

Residence halls are more than just a space for sleep and studying; they are spaces for dialogue, memory making, and community building. A committed staff of professionals and student leaders strive to help maintain a safe place of living, strong sense of community, and an environment that supports learning. The College has entered a new and exciting phase of residential planning which will allow for further enrichment of students' campus living experience. Learn more about the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Photo of Hogan Campus Center
Student Integrity and Community Standards

The Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards supports an environment conducive to academic achievement and personal growth for students. The programs offered by the office aspire to instill and promote justice, civility, self-discipline, care for self and others, ethical development, and integrity.

Ciampi Hall
Wellbeing Community

Opening Fall 2023, this living learning community is designed for students looking to have a purposeful living experience centered around wellbeing.

Our partners in the residential experience


On The Hill we are proud to operate our own dining facilities. The committed members of our dining team strive to offer exceptional service and robust offerings. Although not a department within the Division of Student Development, the department is a proud partner and grateful for the ways in which they nourish the community.

Public Safety

Although not a part of the division of student development, our close campus partners in the department of Public Safety work tirelessly to help maintain the safety and security of our campus community.

Three students in a barn at Sun Moon Farm. One student is sitting on the floor wrapping a bundle of plastic ties and the other two are in the background with their backs to the camera.
Getting Involved

Involvement outside of the classroom enriches students’ growth, sense of belonging, and the discovery of passions and potential. There are a multitude of ways in which students can become involved, participate in events, develop leadership skills, and help to form the community of which they are a part.

A student walking up the stairs inside at the Jo Recreation and Wellness Center. The wall adjacent to the stairs is white with an outline of the Holy Cross shield stenciled in various colors and the word Stronger Together span a decent surface on the wall.
Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation provides and supports recreational activities, coordinates intramural competitions, and advises club sports.

A group of students at a gambling event organized by the Campus Activities Board. Three students are playing a game and a dealer is organizing the board.
Office of Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement assists students and their families with the transition to college life, engages students in the development of their strengths, skills and leadership, and works closely with student organizations to ensure a vibrant and well-balanced calendar of events.

A student and a therapy dog enjoying each other's company on a warm day outside a residential quad.
Health and Wellbeing

As students pursue academic and personal excellence, they are encouraged to access a multitude of resources that will help them tend to their well-being and become thriving adults.

Students outside at an activity table.
Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CADS) works collaboratively with and for students to meet their mental health needs and to promote academic success and personal growth. 


Health Services

Health Services is committed to providing quality health care that meets students’ individual needs. Health care professionals provide services, programs, and wellness education to enable everyone to become well integrated in body, mind, and spirit. 


Luth Wellness Center
The Joanne Chouinard-Luth Recreation and Wellness Center

This space opened in 2021 and helps support student wellbeing and recreational involvement. Affectionately referred to as “The Jo”, this building houses a variety of recreation equipment and is home to the offices of Campus Recreation and Student Wellness Education.

Student Accessibility Services

The Office of Student Accessibility Services coordinates assistance for students with disabilities in order to promote equal access to College programs and services. It also seeks to assist those students and their families in making the necessary arrangements to facilitate full participation in academic and cocurricular pursuits.

International Applicants
Student Wellness Education

The Office of Student Wellness Education encourages students to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles and serves as the primary campus resource for alcohol and other addiction information and education.

More about our work

Inclusion and Belonging

At Holy Cross all members of our community play a role in actively creating an environment where all feel a sense of welcome, belonging and inclusion, and where everyone can be their authentic selves. We seek to create an environment that supports dialogue across differences, where all students reach for personal excellence, pursue their passions, and are guided by a sense of responsibility to others. Although not housed in the Division of Student Development, the department maintains a close partnership with the  Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) and the Student Inclusion and Belonging (SIB) team.

Living the Mission

The College mission and Jesuit Catholic tradition inform the work within the Division of Student Development. The Division shares the responsibility for students' development and formation and provides students with opportunities to reflect and make meaning and to consider the questions: Who am I? Who do I want to become? Who will I be for others? We work closely with campus partners, especially the Chaplains Office. The Joyce Contemplative Center has been a gift to the campus community allowing a place off-campus for students to be still, reflect, and pray.