Assessment in Student Development

Evaluating where we have been so we can make informed decisions about programs and resources.

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Divisional Impact Reports
2017-2022 Impact Report

As the Romero Prayer reminds us, every now and again it helps to take a long view, reflecting on where we’ve been and the distance we’ve traveled. Join the division in its review of its journey from 2017-2022.


Assessment in the Division of Student Development takes place at multiple levels: at the program, office, and divisional levels.  At the program and office levels, divisional staff conduct assessment in their area of responsibility in ways that are consistent with their disciplines and areas of expertise.  Each office is expected to file annual assessment reports with the Division for record-keeping purposes.

Divisional-level assessment efforts are stewarded with the help of an assessment committee and coordinated by the committee chair.  At the divisional level, we coordinate assessment education, manage the collection of annual assessment reports, review college and national survey results, determine the divisional survey cycle, and oversee the development and implementation of the annual divisional survey.

The Division works closely with our colleagues in other parts of the College assessment purposes, especially with the Office of Assessment and Research.  We are represented on the College-Wide Assessment Committee and on the Subcommittee for Assessment and Planning.

Divisional Approach


We assess our divisional strategic goals and initiatives using appropriate modalities for organizational effectiveness and continuous improvement.


We evaluate our educational activities by assessing divisional- and office-level student learning outcomes.


We regularly conduct program reviews of our offices and programs, and are proud that two of our offices - Counseling and Psychological Services and Health Services - are nationally accredited.


We connect our assessment efforts to college-level projects whenever possible.

Divisional Assessment Awards

The Student Development Assessment Award is given annually to a staff member for demonstrating excellence in assessment that contributes to student learning, growth and development.

A portrait photo of Jamie Shannon. Jamie has chin length brown hair, parted on teh side. She has brow eyes and is wearing earrings and a black shirt button down shirt with white swirls. She is also wearing a silver chain necklace with some sort of pendant.

2022 - Jamie Shannon, Campus Recreation

liz drexler hines, student wellness

2023 - Liz Drexler-Hines, Student Wellness Education

kevin oconnell

2023 - Kevin O'Connell, Student Integrity and Community Standards 


Headshot of Michelle Bata wearing a v neck blue sweater

Michelle Bata, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Student Engagement, Committee Chair






Cathleen Doane Cannon
Parent and Family Engagement




liz drexler-hines student wellness education

Liz Drexler-Hines
Student Wellness Education




patrick roger assoc. dir. for orientation

Patrick Rogers
Student Involvement




Mark Wade Residence life

Mark Wade
Residence Life & Housing  






Questions about assessment in the Division of Student Development should be directed to Michelle Bata, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Student Engagement at