Student Development

The Division of Student Development, in the context of a residential environment, assists students in their growth and development in every facet of life: intellectual, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, physical, and vocational. Working with a dedicated staff, students engage in programs, exercise leadership in service to others and participate and promote a diverse campus community. 

Student Development provides transformative experiences for students. Student Development educators, in partnership with faculty, administrators, staff, parents, alumni/ae and members of the Jesuit community, have created a residential campus community in which student can flourish. The departments within the division work collaboratively to engage, educate and empower students to be effective leaders and contributors within a global society. 

Students are challenged to think differently, reach a level of personal excellence, pursue their passions, and aspire to achieve great things. Expected learning outcomes for students as a result of the experiences provided by the Division of Student Development include the following areas: community and citizenship, multicultural competency, reflection and discernment and cura personalis (care for the whole person).

The Counseling Center works collaboratively with and for students to meet their mental health needs and to promote their academic success and personal growth. 

The Office of Accessibility Services coordinates assistance for students with disabilities in order to promote equal access to College programs and services, and seeks to assist those students and their families in making the necessary arrangements to facilitate full participation in academic and cocurricular pursuits. 

Health Services is committed to providing quality health care that recognizes individual needs of students. Health care professionals provide services, programs, and wellness education to enable students to become well integrated in body, mind and spirit.  

Campus Recreation provides and supports recreational activities, coordinates intramural competitions, and advises club sports. 

The Office of Residence Life and Housing provides safe and clean residence halls and creates residential communities promoting fun, personal growth, and development. 

The Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards supports an environment conducive to academic achievement and personal growth for students. The programs offered by the office aspire to instill and promote justice, civility, self-discipline, care for self and others, ethical development and integrity. 

The Office of Student Involvement assists students and their parents with the transition to college life, engages students in the development of their strengths, skills and leadership, and works closely with student organizations to ensure a vibrant and well-balanced calendar of events.

The Office of Student Wellness Education encourages students to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles and serves as the primary campus resource for alcohol and other drug information and education. 

Parent and Family Engagement, We partner with families to help ensure success, well-being and development. 

Bands, Whether performing in world-class concert halls or historic athletic venues, the Holy Cross Bands are committed to serving and engaging the campus community with quality music, talented musicians, and creating memorable experiences.