World-Class Workforce

Goal: Attract, support, and retain a best-in-class workforce who will develop and sustain best practices and policies that support the College’s overall excellence.

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  • Strengthen a culture of professionalism and pride, mutual trust and respect, and appreciation and recognition to allow us to flourish individually and collectively.
  • Promote employee mentoring, continuous learning, professional development and advancement in the context of the new landscape of how we work and what is needed to thrive.
  • Improve administrative and operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Advance innovative practices and creative solutions to steward and sustain human, fiscal and environmental resources.
  • Develop strategies and tactics to improve internal communications across campus.
Dottie Hauver
Meet Our Leadership Team
Dottie Hauver, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, Treasurer

Dottie Hauver leads the strategy and implementation behind our World-Class Workforce initiatives. She joined Holy Cross in 2011 and serves as our Treasurer and Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Highlighting Progress

Since announcing our Aspire plan, we've launched a number of initiatives to attract, support and retain a best-in-class workforce. Here's some of what we've accomplished so far:

Wellness Awards

Awarded two wellness awards in 2023: one from the Worksite Wellness Commission of Massachusetts and the other named Holy Cross as one of the 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America.

Referral Program

Launched a $750 referral bonus program for any Holy Cross employee who refers someone to an hourly role.

Streamlining Processes

Adopted JobVite as our applicant tracking system in June 2023 to improve the recruitment and hiring process. This helped reduce the average time to fill job openings to 40 days, down from three months.

Mentor Program

Created a mentor program to improve the new employee onboarding experience. Over 60 employees have participated so far.

Employee Training

Added LinkedIn Learning as a new platform for training courses.

Employee Recognition

Launched a Guusto reward system and a peer-to-peer recognition platform to strengthen employee recognition and celebrate employee accomplishments and contributions.

Town Hall Updates

On October 4, 2023, a Town Hall was held to provide updates from our leadership team on each of the six pillars of our Aspire strategic plan.

Get Involved

If you have a question about Aspire or a suggestion or idea related to one of its aims, we invite you to review the plan and share your thoughts.