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Purple Patcher

The Purple Patcher is the official Holy Cross yearbook. A historical record of the school year, the Purple Patcher provides a sense of pride among students and staff and serves as a community awareness and public relations tool. 

Class of 2022 Yearbook

Yearbook Purchasing Update

Production for the 2022 Yearbook has been completed and will be sent out to purchasers in the months of summer 2023.

The 2022 Yearbook can no longer be purchased online. If you would still like to purchase a book, you can reach out to the Purple Patcher at or the Office of Student Involvement at

Class of 2023 Yearbook

Senior Portraits

The final portrait sessions were completed in May 2023.  

If you were unable to take a senior portrait through Lauren Studios, and you would still like to send a portrait to be featured in the Holy Cross 2023 Yearbook, you can upload your photos via a link that will be sent out to the Class of 2023 in the month of June 2023. Deadline for uploading senior portraits will be found in this email. We ask that you add your first name, middle initial (if applicable), last name, & major/ minor / concentration (as applicable) when you upload your photo. 

Yearbook Purchase

Yearbook Sales link:  Jostens Yearbook Purchase Link

The link above will direct you to the College of the Holy Cross Jostens website, where you can purchase a 2023 College of the Holy Cross Yearbook.

Parent Ad Sales

Tribute Parent Ads: Parent Ad Link 

The first link above will direct you to a Registration page for Tribute Ads. Once you have registered, you will be directed to a website where you can fill out a form for your Parent Ad Sale. If you would like the PDF (mail-in) form we ask that you reach out to the staff advisor, Yandi Pierre ‘22, via email: Your completed order must be placed online or sent in via mail by Friday, June 30th, 2023.

Class of 2024 Yearbook

Purple Patcher Involvement

  • If you would like to get involved with the Purple Patcher, we encourage you to contact our staff advisor, Yandi Pierre ‘22 via email: You can also email the Purple Patcher via Joining the Purple Patcher can guarantee you some of the following benefits below:
    • Free College of the Holy Cross Yearbook (Year of your choosing) 
    • Free Admission into major campus wide-events
    • Creative control and production of the College of the Holy Cross Yearbooks

Senior Portraits

Further information for senior portraits for the Class of 2024 will be sent out to students in the fall 2023 semester.

Vendor Information

Lauren Studios
Lily Brodsky
New England Regional Operating Manager 
636 Beacon Street Suite 203, Boston, MA, 02215
Cell: (585)698-8897

Josten's Publishing:
Michael Lenfest
Josten's Printing & Publishing
The Yearbook Guy
PO BOX 844, Lee, MA 01238