Career Paths

If you’re a Holy Cross student, chances are your talents lie in more than one area. Our liberal arts foundation helps you develop every aspect of who you are, positioning you for success on campus and with whatever comes next. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to chart a course toward a career that’s right for you, whether that means the sciences or law, business or the nonprofit sector, or a combination of various fields.


Limitless Possibilities

Wherever your path leads, your Holy Cross experience will remain a strong and relevant foundation for success. Our graduates go on to become high-ranking government officials or scientists; others are CEOs or social workers. Holy Cross has a distinguished track record of producing leaders who effect positive change — in the words of our Jesuit motto — as men and women for and with others. 

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First Destinations Report

Our students start out a step ahead, as proven by our survey of the Class of 2023:

  • 89% of respondents report being employed in a job or internship, in graduate school, engaged in service work, or on a fellowship.
  • The mean starting salary for those graduates was $68,329.
  • The most popular industries for these alumni included financial services, health care, education, government, politics and law, and technology. 

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Set Your Course

Whether you’re a current student or a recent Holy Cross graduate, our programs and support systems can help you focus your career choices and identify the path that best suits your abilities and goals.

Start by talking to the staff at the Center for Career Development. They will work with you to understand how your skills and interests align with the professional marketplace and help you secure internships or interviews to launch your career.

Current students can connect with the vast number of Holy Cross graduates who participate as career advisors in the HC Network, while alumni can contact fellow graduates using the Career Advisor Network. These Crusaders, with established careers in almost every form of professional endeavor, give an inside look at their respective fields and provide invaluable guidance.