First Year Convocation

An annual tradition during orientation, First-Year Convocation marks the threshold of full matriculation of the first-year class to the College. This ceremony takes place on the evening before the first day of class. New students, student leaders, faculty, and administrators convene for this traditional ceremony. 

President Vincent D. Rougeau speaks at First Year convocation for the class of 2026

First-Year Convocation includes remarks from the President of the College, the Provost, Class Dean, Class Chaplain, and the Senior Vice President for Student Development and Mission. Additionally, First-Year Convocation includes a speaker from the senior class who shares about their own journey at Holy Cross.

Like St. Ignatius of Loyola, at the top of the mountain Montserrat, who offered himself for a new and still mysterious destiny, students are asked to offer gifts as a means of enriching their own lives and the lives of their companions. Students will be called to reflect on what it will take them to succeed at Holy Cross and will learn about the gifts they bring to the Holy Cross community and celebrate the start of their journey together.

Following First-Year Convocation, the class is invited to dine with President Rougeau at Kimball Dining Hall for the annual President’s Banquet.

Students depart St. Joseph's Memorial Chapel from First-Year Convocation