Parking Accomodations

Parking passes approved via the interactive accommodation process by the Office of Student Accessibility Services are for students with weekly medical or mental health appointments off-campus that require in person appointments. For psychotherapy appointments, please have your provider document why a remote appointment option is not viable. Please create a profile in our Accommodate database and upload relevant documentation. 

Documentation to support the requested parking pass accommodation must include:

  • The frequency and duration of the scheduled appointments 
  • Start and end dates of appointments 
  • Be printed on official letterhead
  • In pdf (uneditable) format
  • Signed and dated by the medical service provider

Once you upload your documentation, please email to notify our office. Once we receive documentation, please allow at least two weeks for the review process. If you require parking beyond the approved term of accommodation, you will be asked to provide updated documentation. 

Fewer appointments than this can normally be accommodated by using a zip car, Uber, Lyft, or cabs.

Prescription delivery arrangements can be made through local pharmacies (For example:  Walmart, CVS, Walgreens).  Prescriptions can also be picked up by students from the various pharmacies in the shopping centers Holy Cross provides shuttles to. For additional resources accessing pharmacies, see the SGA Shuttle Schedules or Holy Cross transportation resources.

For circumstances outside of these criteria, more information can be found on the Parking webpage and you may submit a parking exception request for review.