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2020 Weiss Summer Science Research Program

Abstract Proceedings can be downloaded here

Photos from 2019 Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium can be seen here

This summer, the Weiss Summer Science Research Program at Holy Cross will fund a number of student researchers and provide associated programming using funds from various institutional grants. Student research projects eligible for this program are in the natural sciences, including physics, mathematics and computer science, chemistry, biology, and biological psychologyThe program is scheduled to run for 8 weeks, beginning on Monday, June 1 and ending on Friday, July 24, 2020. Students accepted into the program will receive a weekly stipend, a meal plan, and a room on campus. In addition, each student will receive up to $500 for research supplies, and up to $800 travel budget to be used in presenting research findings at regional or national conferences. Student participants will perform campus-based research under the direction of a Holy Cross faculty member. An informational meeting about this summer's science research program will be held on Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 6 pm in O'Neil 112

Students interested in doing research in disciplines other than the natural sciences and mathematics are eligible for the Summer Research Program in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts. Additional information can be found here. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students interested in exploring the possibility of doing campus research while enrolled in a Holy Cross summer course should contact Professor Ronald Jarret, Director of Summer Sessions ( for more information.

If you are interested in applying for the summer science research program, you need to do several things soon.

First, you need to talk with a Holy Cross professor who will be doing research this summer at the College about the possibility of your working with her or him. Many faculty are willing to support research students this summer. In order to apply for a summer science research fellowship, you will need a Holy Cross faculty sponsor with whom you will be doing your research. Thus it is important for you to approach faculty members with whom you are interested in working as soon as possible. You should find out what they are working on and develop a tentative research proposal.

Second, you need to complete an application consisting of a personal statement of interest and a description of your research project. The application must be accompanied by an unofficial copy of your most current transcript (available from STAR).  In addition, a letter of recommendation should be sent by your summer research faculty mentor.

NOTE: Completed application, transcript, and letter of mentor's recommendation are to be completed by 11:59 PM on Friday, February 21, 2020.

Selection Process

The award is made to the student, so the primary mode of selection will be based on the application of individual student. Other factors will be considered, however. Factors (not necessarily in order of priority) that will weigh in the selection process include: academic record, faculty recommendation, plans after graduation, interest in the research project, whether participation in the research project will continue during the academic year, progress made during the previous summer (if applicable), and how many students have applied to work with a particular faculty member or within a particular department. Traditionally, this has been a competitive program, with more qualified applicants than can be funded.

If you have any questions concerning these student-research fellowships, please contact the science coordinator, Prof. Daniel Bitran, by e-mail (dbitran) or by phone (ext. 3329).

If you are looking for a clinical or work-related experience, here is another opportunity for the summer: please visit our summer internship program. They can be of great assistance in finding an exciting and appropriate summer internship experience.