Inclement Weather

Our Inclement Weather Committee, a subset of our emergency management process, regularly monitors weather conditions to identify and prepare for more severe weather conditions that might disrupt our normal operations.

When inclement weather is forecast, the committee monitors weather conditions through the National Weather Service, other state agencies, and on-site updates provided by local and College personnel.

During inclement weather, the Committee schedules regular conference calls to discuss status and determine the appropriate response. One such response may be to announce a change in normal operations, including early release, delayed arrival or cancellation. In the event of such a decision, the Committee will immediately notify the campus community through:

  • email
  • on our website
  • and on the snow line (508-793-3990)

In the event of a cancellation, all campus activities are cancelled, including in-person classes, events, meetings, conferences and all other campus events. Most campus facilities will be closed, including Hogan, classrooms, libraries, and labs. Kimball Dining Hall will remain open.  

At all times, the safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests are our primary concern. All students, faculty, staff and visitors are reminded to exercise caution and use personal judgment when making the determination of whether to travel during winter weather.  

For any emergencies during inclement weather, please phone the Public Safety emergency line at ext. 2222 / 508-793-2222. For non-emergencies, please call ext. 2224 / 508-793-2224.