You don't have to be an athlete to play — these intramural sports are for everyone. 

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned veteran or trying a new sport, we will do our best to team you up against those with similar skills. Upon registration of an intramural team, participants have the opportunity to play against other Holy Cross teams in weekly league play, culminating in an Intramural League Championship.

Difference Between an Intramural Sport and Club Sport

Intramural sports provide the opportunity for students to compete against other Holy Cross students in league play. Each league lasts about 4-6 weeks and culminates in the crowning of an intramural champion for each sport. There is no travel involved nor practice required. Clubs are formed by groups of students and often compete with other sports clubs from other colleges and universities. 

Cost to Play Intramurals

There is no extra charge to play on an intramural team. Each team pays a $20 forfeit fee prior to league play. If a team does not forfeit throughout the season, they can get their money back. If they forfeit a game, the $20 is used to offset the cost of intramural officials.

Intramural Play Period

Each semester is broken up into 4 quarters. The 1st quarter of sports begins two weeks after classes begin. The 2nd quarter begins mid-October and runs through the end of the fall semester. In the spring, the 3rd quarter sports begin in early February and run through spring break. The 4th quarter runs through mid-March to the final day of classes in May.

Types of Activities

Activities vary year-to-year but often include sports such as volleyball, dodgeball, pickleball, badminton, soccer, basketball, flag football, and kickball.

Creating or Joining a Team 

IMLeagues allows easy sign-ups, scheduling, and keeps updated rosters. Students can create or join a team by registering on IMLeagues. If students do not have enough players to create their own team, they can join an existing team or become a free agent and the Office of Campus Recreation will work to find them a team.


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